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Ok, have my tickets already, my hotel is booked. We are not using a package. Can I add the DDP to my reservation if I did not do a MYW Package? Is it worth it? How much is it?


I believe you can always add DDP to your package, I would just call up and find out. I don’t find it worth it in my opinion because your menu is limited. Good luck!


Yes you can add it to your room, as long as your room is WDW owned and operated.
Is it worth it? That depends on what your trip is all about. If you’re trying to go as much as you can go and see as much as you can see then I don’t find it worth spending time waiting/sitting in restaurants. If it’s about relaxation and go with the flow then it is if you like to eat alot of food. If you have tween age that are picky eaters, again I don’t feel doing a lot of TS’s are always the best choice. That’s my opinion though.
How much? That depends on how many days, how many in your party, what ages and which plan (DDDP, DDP or QS). Best place to find a break down is Allears.
Walt Disney World Vacation Packages


You cannot add the dining plan unless you turn your reservation into a package and buy at least a one day pass for all. If you bought your tickets from an outside source or even the Disney store than you can’t add the dining plan. If you have an AP than you can add the plan to a room reservation. If you bought room and tickets from Disney, then you can call and have your reservation made into a package and add the plan.


Ok, as far as if its worth it, the way we look at is, we eat on property. Every trip. So its nice to have the dining plan, because then we have everything paid for, ahead of time, and it does save us some money. When we had ap’s we used DDE card (now they call it Tables in Wonderland) which was a great savings to us.


You do have to purchase a package (room and at least one day of tickets) to add on the DDP.
Is it worth it? Yes!!!
You can eat cheaper on property if you are willing to only eat at counter services or hot dog carts for the entire trip. But on the DDP, you will spend your entire trip eating like a King! or Queen!


This is not true. We’re getting our tics from an outside source (through a military installation) and staying at a non-dis owned hotel while using those tics. After they’ll be used then we’re checking into a dis hotel (poly) with a DDP added while there. A different CM we spoke to another time also told us we could get stay at a dis-owned with DDP for the whole vacate still purchasing our tics here at home. It can be done. Call and talk with them. They have ways to work magic :happy:


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;999335]You do have to purchase a package (room and at least one day of tickets) to add on the DDP.
Is it worth it? Yes!!!
You can eat cheaper on property if you are willing to only eat at counter services or hot dog carts for the entire trip. But on the DDP, you will spend your entire trip eating like a King! or Queen![/QUOTE]


But on the DDP, you will spend your entire trip eating
Seriously though, whether or not it’s worth it depends on what type of vacate you plan on taking. Having the picky eaters we do, we find the QS works best for us.


We already have some no-exp tickets. I just booked a room at POFQ. Was wondering if I could add the DDP to it? I will call later and find out… thanks everyone!


Unless they are military salute tickets, you will have to buy at least a one day pass for everyone and convert it into a package that will have the remaining balance due 45 days before arrival. The question as to if it is a good idea, really is up to your families eating patterns.


I just got back and you have the same menu that everyone else has! Its way worth it in my opinion!:laugh:


I thought the DDP narrows down your choices :confused:


We’ve always chosen from the same menus.


is it different withe the deluxe? I had the regular and it was the same menu everyone had


Usually no. Our last trip in June, you could get everything on the menu, BUT some restaurants (I think Le Cellier was one) where they had put together some “package meals”. I think you could get a package from a reduced menu and get the appetizer, entree, and dessert on the regular dining plan OR just order off the whole menu and have just the entree and dessert. But on the whole, you should be able to order anything off the regular menu.


I KNOW there is some misunderstanding or miscommunication here. Did you actually book and pay for the DDP, or did you just ask the question and get an answer?

If you have booked the DDP, I strongly urge you to check your reservation, because either you DON’T have the DDP or you have paid for at least a minimal park ticket (at least a 1-day base ticket, about $78 + tax) for each person on your reservation.

But I’m guessing you just asked, and either got the wrong info or misunderstood the info given to you.

The DDP is not an a la carte option that can simply be added. It is available ONLY as part of a package. Disney has a very specific definition of “package.” In Disney-speak, a package is a combination of resort stay and park ticket bought bundled together. If you get a resort room and use previously-purchased tickets (or tickets you will buy at a later time), then this is NOT a package.

I know how Disney operates. I know what is possible and what is not. And I know that you can’t book the DDP without booking a package. The only two exceptions are if you are an Annual Passholder, or if you are a DVC owner staying on points. Otherwise, it’s package or it’s no DDP.

Every Disney resort booking utilizes a 3-letter code. These codes change regularly. But just using pretend letters, let’s say a room-only reservation uses code ABC, a standard package uses DEF, a package + dine (this is Disney’s terminology) uses GHI, a package + platinum dine uses JKL, and so on. There is no code in existence to allow for the purchase of the DDP in the absence of a package (which means a ticket purchase bundled into the reservation). There is a code for DVC DDDP purchase, and a code for AP DDP purchase, but no code exists for just plain a la carte DDP.

I’m supremely confident that if you actually made that reservation with the DDP without a package, that you didn’t actually buy exactly what you think you bought … check again. Disney reservationists are not empowered to create a new computer code for a reservation type that simply doesn’t exist.


Disney Dining is part of the Magic Your Way Package. It’s an add on and I have never heard of it being offered without a package UNLESS you are a DVC member or renting points. Then you are able to add it to your reservation without booking a package.
You can read all about it here:
Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

You can call and ask but I wouldn’t take that information to heart. Disney Reservation CM’s have a tendency to spout out a lot of misinformation. That’s why it’s always good to come to boards like this to check.


I agree, it must be part of a package. We have AP’s and they still made us buy a one day MYW ticket for each person. It’s not a problem because they let us roll the value of those tickets into the renewal of our AP’s. It can be a little bit annoying though because we can’t renew online or by phone, we have to renew in person to apply the MYW tickets.

To me, the dining plan is worth it if you enjoy good food at full service restaurants. If you are happy with counter service it may not be for you. I have never seen limited choices while on the plan, we always get the same menu as everyone else.


The Dining Plan is well worth it if you’re planning on eating at the more expensive places. A dinner at one of the more expensive places pretty much takes the $40.


That’s what I’m hoping to do with my plan…eat at the expensive places! :laugh:

~ Pam

49 Days till my First-ever Christmas Season trip :reindeer:,at CBR with Free Dining!