Disney dining still not taking adr's


I just called to make our adr’s for may/june, and the automated system said they are not taking adr’s after march 22nd right now. i called yesterday to make the CRT adr, and the gal said she had no idea when they’d start taking them for further out for other dining spots. :dry: i really want to make the adr’s! I only need 2!!


Hmm, I hope it’s working soon. I wanted to start brainstorming with my husband about ADRs for June. Keep us updated if you hear anything. I hope you get your ADRs soon.


Same here!! I have to make them for our May trip!!


June’s a complete wash. They don’t even have daily schedules up right now.


there aren’t daily schedules up for may yet either, unless it’s come up since 7 this morning. i am getting frustrated - don’t they know there are OCD planners out there???!!!:ninja::tongue:


I am frustrated too. I have all of our ADRs for June ready and waiting…waiting…waiting…:glare:

OCDers do not wait patiently!:ninja::laugh:


Same story here. I had to call DVC member services this week, and they also had no idea when the ADRs would be back up.


i just tried again - not yet…also, trex isn’t taking reservations until after january 5th she said. you can make them then by calling trex directly. i am not meant to make any adr’s this week!!!


I was really hoping by the time our 6 month slot rolled around, everything would be working. I’m so bummed, I’ve already been waiting for 3 months and now I have to wait till March!! :dry: I’ve been checking the schedules too, because I want to tailor our reservations according to which days we’ll be at which park, but no such luck :sad: Whats taking so long?


You know, I am both bummed and relieved. This gives me more time to think about where we are going to be and what we want to eat!


i don’t think you have to wait until march to make them, they just are not accepting any for any dates after march 22 right now. i think they will start taking them for farther out after the 1st of the year. just my guess, based on wishful thinking. :dry:


Posted Dec. 23, 2008 on the main Disney Site:

Walt Disney World Resorts news
Walt Disney World

90 day booking window for dining, tours and reservations to become standard
Dec 23, 2008

Beginning today, there will be a 90 day advance booking window for dining, tours and reservations. This replaces the previous 180 day window.

Any existing reservations made with a longer timeframe will be honored.

Resort bookings continue to be at 500 days, and La Nouba remains at 180 days.


hmmmm…there was a rumor a while ago about the adr’s only being allowed for up to 90 days, but i had thought that was just through the new updating process. wonder if this is the permanent thing now, or if it’s still just being updated. thanks for the info!!


Apparently it’s permanent.

The official line is that guests are making preparations later, and booking less far forward in advance.

I would imagine that’s due to the uncertain economic times.


I have to say that I prefer the 90 day window compared to the 180 day window. Yes, I am a freak planner like the rest of you, but many of our trip are booked closer to the actual vacation! I feel it will make getting ADR’s easier for my family.


Has anyone tried making ADRs for April yet? I called the WDW-DINE number, and the recorded message about no reservations after March 22nd was gone. Anyone found the rumored “online ADR system” yet?


I haven’t yet, but our next visit is probably around April 8 and I’ve still got a few days before I can book.


They changed the booking window, you will have to wait until you are 90 days out. I know they are accepting adrs after March 22, since I was able to make all of mine for our March trip.:happy:


When I booked our room this morning, the lady told me that the new policy for booking dining reservations was 90 days out. She even gave me the date that I could call back to book all my ADR’s. Disneyland does this and I personally like it better. We usually book 6 months out or less, so it gives me more time to plan our days before deciding on dining.


Has anyone else seen that Chef Mickeys is still 180 days?