Disney dining suggestions for honeymoon


Baloo and I are leaving for our road trip honeymoon in a little over a week! We’re hitting Disney twice on the trip - once on the way out of town, staying at Wilderness Lodge for a night (no parks), and then again on the way back home, staying at Coronado Springs and hitting up the parks for 2 or 3 days. We were surprised by one of Baloo’s relatives with a very generous Disney gift card, which she would like us to use on the honeymoon.

Baloo and I are usually on a pretty tight budget when we go to Disney and primarily stick to CS meals, so on this trip we’d love to try some new restaurants that we wouldn’t normally go to. Any suggestions for something special for a honeymoon? Something romantic or unique? It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something with an interesting atmosphere or something that should be on a must-do list. We’d also love to hear any thoughts on the restaurants at Wilderness Lodge, as we’d like to try one of those on our night there.

Thank you! :happy:


In terms of restaurants at the Wilderness lodge, both are good places to eat. Whispering Canyon is a lot of fun, with guest participation, wise-cracking servers and an all-you-can-eat BBQ skillet. Artist Point is a signature restaurant, and great for a romantic meal.


Jiko popped into my head right away because of its atmosphere.


If you can get a window table at Toyko Dining during Illuminations, it looks out over the water there…they have lots of options on their menu and we thought it was very very good…

It also depends on what kind of food you want…Bongo’s in DTD has a balcony that overlooks the water there, and if you can get a table out there overlooking the water, it’s quiet and nice…


Artist’s Point at WL is very romantic - and most of the tables for two are by the window. If you time it right you can watch the little Electrical Water Parade.

Narcoosee’s at GF is nice too.


I really do love, love, love Artist Point. If you’re not looking to see the Water Pageant, make sure you dine while it’s still light out and you can enjoy the grounds of the resort. At night, you really can’t see outside because of the window reflections from inside.

Congrats again, almost-Mrs.-Baloo. :happy:


I would have said Bistro de Paris but they have rethemed it and I have not heard anything about it since. We have also had great meals at WL at Artist Point.

BUT… Pam and I tried Jiko a few months back. Pam and I both walked out saying one thing… O M G !!! It is our new “got to do to try the rest of the menu” location. Absolutely fabulous. If you go to Jiko have them explain the theming. It adds to the dinning experience.


Narcooses, ask for a window seat you can see wishes.they have a nice porch also.lobster and filet is amazing.tell them it is your honeymoon.


Victoria & Albert’s, if you can swing it. I promise an evening suitable for such a celebration.


I really like Tokyo Dining and I do enjoy a window table when I can get one, but I simply can not abide watching fireworks behind hurricane grade glass.
Go outside and watch! Then come back and finish. And their desserts leave a lot to be desired, very limited choice.

We’ve done many anniversary and birthday dinners in WDW and nearly all have been at signature spots.
California Grill (though I don’t know if it will have reopened when you’re there)
Flying Fish Cafe
Yachtsman’s Steakhouse
Shula’s Steakhouse
Artist Point
You might also consider Monsieur Paul (was Bistro de Paris) the upstairs French restaurant.
I’ve eaten at Jiko once, but their menu isn’t to the wife’s taste.

But if you’re going to do it right, Chef’s Table at Victoria and Alberts.

If you’re the kind of people that like to watch the kitchen as you eat, Flying Fish and Jiko have on stage kitchen counter seating while Citrico’s and California Grill have on stage kitchens with tables that give kitchen views.


Congrats ! I’d go against the grain and say Victoria and Alberts would be torture for us - much too fancy and too long. For us good food and atmosphere is Ohana as I love the Hawaiian feel. Also, to be honest I’d struggle up to dh and the drive-in (sci-fi that is) for some cheesy movies and laughter. :heart:


I like Ohana as well, for the same reasons. Flying Fish, Narcoosee’s and Citricos would also be great choices.


I don’t know, I thought we’re coming up with special places for honeymoon dinners. And Sci Fi’s menu leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. (Good gosh, they really need to change the movie reel there!)
Snuggle is one thing, but being able to have enough table to dine at is another. Those cars’ tables are too small.


We are big fans of Narcooses. Great food and service. they will hold dessert (or any course) for you if you want to go on deck to watch Wishes.


My husband and I went to Tutto Gusto on our anniversary trip last year, and it was a fabulous experience. We enjoyed a glass of wine, an appetizer, and we split a meal off of the Tutto Itailia menu. We dined on a couch near a fireplace with a coffee table to place our food upon. It was a fun, casual meal with few children in sight. Congratulations to you!


Oooh - that sounds kind of nice!


Tutto Gusto? And it opened last May?
How did I not see this in July?


It is not very big. If you are facing Tutto Italia, it is to the right (attached on the inside actually). The waiter was quite helpful with a wine selection. We loved it!


I saw some pictures. I think that area started life as an additional dining room.
So, I did see it in July, I just didn’t recognize it for what it is. It’s fitting to have a bar type space in Italy, same as England.


Thank you all so very much. We’ve been looking at all the menus for your suggestions. It’s so overwhelming - so much great food at WDW! We’re thinking about trying Artist Point for dinner and Whispering Canyon the next morning for breakfast on our WL stay. We’re still debating where to go on the return trip. Narcoosee’s sounds like it’s a big favorite and Tutto Gusto sounds like something we would really like! Back to browsing the menus… thanks all!