Disney Dinning 2010


I know this has probably been beaten to death with a stick but I haven’t been around to read what will be different for next year. We are talking about going in Dec. 2010. I have been reading up and it looks like know for adults you don’t get an appetizer with table service meal. Also it looks like it’s gone way up in price. A couple of years ago it was about $38 per adult and now it’s up to about $49?
Is that right? I know it also doesn’t include the tip now. So know I’m wondering if that’s the best way to go.


You need to do the math and study the menus and prices at All Ears to see if this works for you or not.
One thing to keep in mind is that roughly half of the year now, the buffets are on what they call “holiday pricing” where they add $4 to an adult meal during half of December, Thanksgiving week, much of spring break (April and March), and Memorial Day through the 4th of July.
$49 seems like too much, although a sit down dinner will cost you $30 or more and the CS meal can cost as much as $17. Even a bottle of water (snack) is $2.50 now.
According to what I’ve seen, the price for the standard dining plan is $42, not $49.

2010 Disney Dining Plan Price List - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com


thanks… I just realized that what I was looking at was a book with Canadian prices. I just saw, I think, on allears that it’s 39.99 now. Which I know is a great deal. I know that when we used it last time we had a great time picking out places to eat. Just didn’t know if it was still has great as before. We don’t really need appetizers but it’s a nice option if you wanted to try something. We mainly did buffet though so I don’t think it really mattered to much.


The Disney Quick Service Dining Plan 2010 priced at $31.99/adults, $9.99/child 3-9

Basic Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $41.99/adults, $11.99/child 3-9 (regular season)

Basic Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $46.99/adults, $12.99/child 3-9 (peak season)

Deluxe Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $71.99/adults, $20.99/child 3-9

Premium Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $164/adults, $114/child 3-9

Platinum Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $220/adults, $155/child 3-9


Do these prices take effect on Jan 1, 2010? Is it still 38.99 right now?


DDP - I think like Soundgod said. Take a look at what you are tying to accomplish for your trip and that will be the basis of whether to do the Dining Plan. Our 1st trip we did the Basic and it worked real well…got to experience some nice Dining but didn’t break the bank…this next trip, we are taking my mom and going during Christmas/New Years…we wanted to go all out so we went Deluxe…our next trip will most likely be more of a budget trip to experience the parks and we will most likely not do the DDP.


dadofthree- careful, the DDP is a LOT of food! More than any of us could eat in a week. LOL!


lol when we went down a couple of years ago I ended up with a mini fridge full of cake that I couldn’t eat for my desert each night. LOL I know that if we go we will get the dining plan. Just wondering how it had changed over time. Sucks that it doesn’t cover the tip now though. I found the last time we had so much fun reading the menus at allears.net and figuring out where we would have dinner or lunch and not having to worry about the price. It was a very cool experience that I always wanted to have. As we always just use to camp and eat at fort wilderness. I don’t think I could ever go back to doing that. :slight_smile:


I agree. I went a few years ago, back when it included the appetizer and tip, and last year when it didn’t; regardless, I will get it every time. Too much food, not enough included, whichever side you fall on, for me it’s more that it’s one less thing that I have to pay for when I go. I know that when I pay the final bill to the travel agent in April, my June trip is completely paid for… all of it (room, food, transportation, etc). I know I could budget that elsewhere and take it with me, but the reality of it is, I wouldn’t. When I would get to the restaurant I would read prices, get the cheaper meal, forgo the more expensive restaurants for more of the less expensive… with the Disney plan I don’t and I get what I want, and no buyer’s remorse afterward!


This comment always cracks me up!
I don’t see how an entree, dessert, and a beverage is too much food for dinner.
I also don’t see how a hamburger and fries and a beverage is too much for lunch. At lunch, if you don’t feel like getting the dessert, then don’t.
As for the snack, a bottle of water, a piece of fruit, or an ice tea is too much?
It sounds like you normally starve yourselves and only eat mac and cheese once a day, and that’s all you eat.:huh:

On the other hand, the deluxe dining plan can be too much food with 3 sit downs a day, and each of those meals include appetizer AND dessert with entree. Sometimes the deluxe is used to best advantage if you schedule meals at the two credit places for dinner and character buffet for breakfast.
Also it works best if you stay as late as possible on your check out day before heading home or if you book your very last day as a room only because your meal credits are available up to midnight on your departure day.
And if you’re driving, you can hoard your snacks and cash them all in at once and take a bunch of stuff home with you.

The math goes like this: a 4 night stay includes 12 sit down credits that you can use over 5 days. Say, two sit down meals on check in day, the three middle days, and your check out day. This leaves a remainder of 2 credits which you can use for places like Citrico’s, California Grill, Flying Fish, Hoop De Doo, etc. on two of your nights. So, instead of 12 sit down meals, you’re only really eating 10 sit down meals.


Premium Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $164/adults, $114/child 3-9

Platinum Disney Dining Plan 2010 priced at $220/adults, $155/child 3-9[/QUOTE]

You really really need to be aware that Premium and Platinum are not simply dining plans, but instead are all inclusive vacation plans that also include park tours, recreation (boat and bike rentals, golf, horse rides, etc.), and tickets to La Nouba.


Can I thread jack a bit??? Can you choose the QS dining plan and as you check in upgrade to one of the other dining plans?


I am fairly certain that whatever changes you wish to make regarding packages have to be done no later than 72 hours before arrival.
Also, when I’ve upgraded from room only to room with dining plan, they do not apply your original deposit to your reservation. Instead, this is treated like a new reservation and your original deposit is refunded to your credit card within 3 business days. I’m not sure how they handle upgrading a vacation package that includes the QS plan to a package with the basic or deluxe plan.
So keep all of this in mind.