Disney Dinning Plan


Hey everyone! We are using the magic your way package with deluxe dining plan for the first time in july. We are looking for any tips or pointers anyone might have. :blush::donald:


When you have more than half of your snack points left on the last day of your vacation go to your hotel’s restaurant/ food store and buy up all the snacks and drinks to bring on the plane and home with you. You end up eating so much on the deluxe that you don’t want snacks throughout the day. Also you don’t HAVE to eat the app., main course, and dessert at every meal. Sometimes for dessert I will just get fruit. O and bring a bigger belt you’re gonna need it!:happy:


Its a mountain of food. I would use this as a opportunity to do alot of the two credit meals and shows. You will still have a mountain of points to spend.


My suggestion for getting the most out of the deluxe plan is to do as many character breakfasts as you can and then do dinners at several of the (2 credit) signature restaurants. Many people like to do Hoop Dee Doo Revue, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, or even the Luau at the Poly when they’ve got extra sit down credits.
Of course, I always plan to maximize value for dollars, so I study the menus at All Ears to see what fits best for me.
I always come out slightly ahead, or better. Especially if you have dinner at California Grill and you choose one of the more expensive allowed sushi hand rolls, like a rainbow roll, for your appetizer.

Like I said, study the menus. That’s probably the most important.
Oh, and keep in mind that you’ll still be on the hook for the tip.
You are also allowed to downgrade TS credits to QS any time, so you can play around a little and do say a food court breakfast (I’ve discovered they do a decent omelet at Pop Century, so I have to assume that the other food courts can do so as well) or even better, look at the menus and you’ll see you can get your lunch bill up to $18 per person at Cosmic Rays and Sunshine Seasons.
Plus, if you are driving and not flying, doggie bag your left overs if possible and take them home with you. Again, this works better if you’re eating dinner after you’ve left the parks for the night or if you’re going back to your room after your meal before heading back to the parks. Don’t forget to stop at Wal Mart or Target to pick up a cooler for the trip home if you do.


these are great tips so far im kinda nervous for all the food been studying the menus we are celebrating 2 birthdays and an anniversary when we go so were not even sure where to begin on all these restaurants weve been so many times we just go to our favs


We’ve done birthdays and anniversaries at Flying Fish, California Grill, and Narcoossee’s.
Think about Yachtsman’s Steakhouse for a good steak and none of the hassle of trying to score a reservation at le Cellier.
Some of the other places I like (as if I haven’t said this 100 times already) are Tutto Italia, Tokyo Dining, Biergarten, Kona Cafe, 1900 Park Fare (breakfast), Boma, Wolfgang Puck Cafe. Whispering Canyon isn’t bad either. Neither is Maya Grill for dinner.


Our plan this year as well as last is to spread everything out. We usually do breakfast early and only a few times, characters make these fun. The rest of the breakfasts we take care of with snack credits. Lunch is planned about the time we would head back to our resort for a break. We kind of take our break at lunch(as well as the resort if needed). As far as dinner we do them late(this only works if everyone can handle late dinners HAHA). We throw in a few signature dinners, one on the day we arrive and one or two somewhere in the middle. If you like dinner shows or have kids that don’t like fancier meals then I would schedule them instead. As far as snacks, we use some at breakfast and the rest anywhere. We try to get the best bang for our buck, but don’t really worry about it. When our stay comes to an end, we just hit the resort store and use them up. We came home with 10 snack bags of whole almonds last year. I use the when I cook alot and it brought a smile to my face everytime I opened a new bag. My stash is getting low and I’m looking forward to refilling it this year. Good luck and I hope this helps.


One suggestion I don’t see on here…try to plan your meals within or closest to the parks you’ll be visiting that day. We had the deluxe plan last year but felt we went “stuffed” from one meal to the next. We didn’t take into consideration the parks in relation to the restaurant and spent a good amount of travel time and not so much time actually enjoying the parks. But it was all good and so worth it. Just a thought.


We’ve had the deluxe plan our last 2 times and loved it. We had a couple of character breakfast (Chef Mickey and CRT the first year then Tusker house, and Norway the 2nd) and of course Kona both years. We do a couple 2 credit dinners and shows each time and use snack credits for several breakfasts. We generally don’t have a big lunch and sometimes we split a quick service meal. We’ve been able to work it out so that we use all of our credits and aren’t stuffed and don’t have any OOP meals either. It allows us to eat at really nice restaurants without having to worry about the cost.

But now that DD is 10 and according to WDW an adult we are going OOP this trip. I’m a little worried.:blush:




For some, it is just way too much food. I would definitely do alot of character breakfast meals and lunches. Also, take this chance to do some 2 credit meals. We did DDP this past Christmas/NYE trip, and got to see alot of WDW beyond the parks. You will not use alot of your snacks. To come to think of it, I used 3 snacks to feed the ducks popcorn at EPCOT.
Bad thing is, if you go back, you want to eat at more places than the regular dining plan allows.


Here is how we dealt with the deluxe plan for a 5 night stay in October.

Wednesday - Oct 21

Yak and Yeti 12:30 PM
Maya Grill 5:45 PM

Thursday – Oct 22

Crystal Palace 9:55 AM
Narcoossee’s 5:30 PM (2)

Friday – Oct 23
Boma 10:40 AM
Wolfgang Puck Café 10:15 PM

Saturday – Oct 24

Cape May Café 10:30 AM
Le Cellier 4:20 PM

Sunday – Oct 25

1900 Park Fare 10:10 AM
California Grill 9:15 PM (2)

Monday – Oct 26

Maya Grill 10:30 AM
Yachtsman’s Steakhouse - 5:30 PM (2)

You’ll notice that we did not try to jam in 3 meals a day and we also hoarded the bulk of our snacks for when we went home and loaded up on Key Lime tarts at Beach Club Marketplace and water.


OOP= out of pocket


:redface: Thank you.


Its getting closer and ive been trying every day to get an ADR at Le Cellier! No Luck yet!!


And you will keep trying and most likely won’t get your reservation.
Sadly, you almost have to try for le Cellier on your 180th day out at 7 AM because that reservation is next to impossible to score.


Our last trip, when we were checking in for our ADR at LeCellier, the family in front of us was a walk up, and they got seated before we did! So, if it’s a must do for you, it never hurts to walk up. Just have a plan B if it doesn’t work out.


We actually got one for lunch!!! Super excited!!! Is there a lot of difference between lunch and dinner??


We did lunch last year and it was great. Not as many things offered but still a really good meal. You will enjoy it. Seemed like alot to eat for lunch , but we managed to make our way through it all:laugh::laugh::laugh:

Have fun!!


Not much difference between the lunch and dinner menus, but you should look over at All Ears to see for yourself.