Disney dollars


We are on DDP and I was wondering if I could purchase the guesstimated amount I need in disney dollars for tax and tip and also tip mouskeeping?


Well, you could, but the poor service people couldn’t use them but in the parks. I would think that they’d appreciate the real thing :wink:


OH, I thought they could just cash them in. Thanks Dopey:)


I agree with Dopey, the CMs would much rather have real money they can spend w/o having to cash them in.


Okay, I am at a loss. What are Disney Dollars? How do you get Disney Dollars? Where do you get them? What is the point? Can someone explain this to me, please?


As far as I know Disney dollars can be purchased at The Disney Store in maybe a mall near you. They can be used as cash, but as to all the locations you can use them I am unsure…hopefully a nice MBer will add their wisdom…


Check out this link: What are Disney Dollars?

There is even a Q&A


There’s always the black market… :ph34r:

But the exchange rate stinks… :pirate:


I too would avoid giving Disney $$… What we do instead is go to City Hall on Main Street and load up a Disney gift card. We just put however much cash on it we plan to spend, and use it like a debit card. It is much more convenient than cash, you can use it anywhere in Disney. OF course that wouldn’t work for Mousekeeping.


That’s great to know! Can these Disney gift cards be bought at the Disney Stores too? I was hoping to rack up a few more Disney visa points ahead of our trip by buying disney dollars so that we have an allocated amount each day to spend, but a card would be so much easier to give to my sons for their own money to spend.


Yes, you can buy them at The Disney Store. We used to carry Disney Dollars for my two children but since these cards came out they are much more convenient.


Speaking from a cast member point of view, I would say its much better to tip with real cash instead of disney dollars. While cast members can exchange it, they are not supposed to do it while in costume or working. So it can be a little bothersome at the end of the day when they just want to head home. But of course any cast member would like to get disney dollars over nothing. :laugh: But if you have the option, I would suggest real cash.


I do know you can buy them at City Hall, and at the various gift shops in WDW. Not sure about local Disney stores though.


I have seen the gift cards at Disney stores.


All good and well, but why pay for tips with giftcards? Isn’t it easier just to plunk down the money and call it good? :blink:


We use the cards for all purchases (shopping, food & tip, etc.) instead of cash while there. It was just a suggestion.


Daisee, I didn’t mean to dis your suggestion. I was just thinking out loud.
Mainly, I guess, because we charge everything on the KTTW cards and forget about it :blush:


I think cash for tips is the best choice. D$ are fun, I keep them as souvenirs. Cast members will appreciate not having to deal with cashing them in. JMHO of course.


Thank you for all the answers. It seems like it would be better, for us, to use our Dianey Visa for all our purchases. That way we earn the Disney Reward Points. Then, we could just pay it off when the bill came in.


Yep, this is where my Mom gets them (in NJ) to send to us in FL for birthdays and holidays . . . we :heart: to get Disney Gift Cards! :wub: