Disney dollars?


Can anyone tell me if Disney Dollars are still available and where I can purchase them?

I would like to give them to my granddaughter for Easter (you know how moms get when you give them lots of candy:laugh:).

I thought I read somewhere online about a new card (sort of like a credit card) but I think there were alot of strings attached.

Can anyone help?

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If you have a Disney Store where you live you can buy them there. They spend just like cash but they are too cute. I got them for our trip last year but with everything to buy in Disney they didn’t last long lol.


Thank you for the info.

I will have to check and see if we still have a Disney store in our area, we use to but I am not so sure anymore.

I use to buy them for my daughter, it was great because I could buy them a few at a time and then have about $50 in Disney dollars to give her and once they were gone they were gone. (Yes, your right they didn’t last long.)



You can still use Disney dollars and the Disney store would be the place to get them.

You can also get the Disney gift card that can be loaded, used, and reloaded as much as you wish in any dollar amount up to $1,500.

The difference is when you actually have the dollars in hand you seem to keep track better of how you are spending.

Disney Gift Card


:smile:Thanks for the info and the link.

Does anyone have a definite list of locations in Disney World the Disney Card is accepted?



just FYI when my mom went to buy them for my girls around Christmas they told her they didn’t have them anymore and she would have to get a gift card. It may have been that they were out of them for the holiday season my mother was not clear on all the information


We carry Disney Dollars at the Disney Stores all year long, the only time we wouldnt have them in the store is if we were simply out of stock, in which you can get a Disney gift card instead. You can also purchase Disney Dollars at City Hall in DL/MK and guest relations in the other parks/in World of Disney in DTD. You can find the nearest Disney Store by logging onto the Disney Store section of Disneyshopping.com at Disney Store | DisneyShopping.com, good luck!