Disney Dollars


[QUOTE=zoey9797;992067]I just called the Disney ticket upgrades number and they had an option (#3 or #4 I think) to purchase Disney Dollars.
The number is 407-566-4985
Hope this helps someone! :)[/QUOTE]

Ok, so I called today to order them and all was fine, until… they said it would cost me $15 to have them shipped to me. Since it is money they need to express ship it, and that costs $15. I’m too cheap to do that, I’d rather spend that $15 in Disney. This is crazy, I guess I will be waiting until I get there!

Oh well!


I just bought some yesterday for my nephew’s birthday. He’s going for the first time in November. :laugh:


At Disney the only place the stores told me I could buy them at WDW were at Guest Services. All the Disney stores around us have closed up shop


Shannon, I tried one more time today and still nothing. Hopefully, you’ll be-able to get them at WDW.


Thanks again Loretta! I was at the Disney store here in CT today and I asked again, but this time the response was "they have discontinued the store participation, but we have gift cards:)! "

Hmmm, that is the latest. I guess they aren’t going to allow the stores to do them anymore! Oh well, I will stock up when we go down in 13 days, gift cards are great, but they aren’t as fun! Thanks for checking, you are the best!!!