Disney Dollars


I know they exist but is it possible to “buy” these in the parks ? If so, where precisely? I would like to get some as “souvenirs” :wub:


I read somewhere that they were not using Disney Dollars any longer?


This question was asked to the Mom’s Panel on 4/1/10 and answer was yes, they are available at the parks and resorts. Ask at guest services or the front desk of any resort. I hope they are still available, it’s a fun way to give kids spending money.


Ohh sorry I searched the forum with the keywords “disney dollars” and nothing seemed to answer my question. Thank you I will ask for these at my resort ! :blush:


Don’t be sorry. I didn’t know the answer either so I looked there thinking they would have the answer.


As of October 4th 2009 The Disney Store no longer sells Disney Dollars. There may be some stores that have some left over. Last I heard they are still available from Disneyland and DisneyWorld Resorts.


When we stayed last October I purchased some at ASM resort for the girls.


So sad…we have used them for so many gifts over the years! Once for my DD recital my mom made a flower bouquet with them and among other clever uses, she rolled them up and used them as “candles” on my birthday cake!

I do however still have my original one I bought in 1987 (and a few others over the years)…as well as the set of three ships from Pirates!! THEY are my fav!


As of November 2010, they were still offering them at the Disney resorts guest services. My parents brought some home for the kids for our Spring trip.


Our friends and family know just how obsessed DW and I are with Disney World so we received quite a stash of Disney Dollars as wedding gifts! :laugh: