Disney dollars?


Are Disney dollars still being made? I thought that they no longer sell them at the Disney Stores but can you get them at the parks?


I’m not sure, but if you send me $1000, I’ll whip up a couple for you w/Photoshop.


i was told at our local disney store they dont have them just the stupid cards… but you can get in them in the parks… that is too late for us we usually bought some very month until we went so we had a couple hundred in disney dollars…


We are bummed also! We are always giving them as gifts within the family. One year my mom made a Disney Dollar rose bouquet for my daughter’s dance recital.


I’m bummed to hear this, too. I always made my kids earn them (one dollar at a time) in the months leading up to the trip. It was exciting to them to be awarded the dollars at the end of each week and they’d keep them all in the envelopes that you received when you bought them. I guess we’ll have to keep track on paper and then I can get them each a gift card. The problem with that is that I liked the ability to have them take just a few of their dollars with them each day so that they wouldn’t risk losing all of their $. My 12 yo DS is a disorganized mess and he can’t keep track of anything. He lost a wallet that he took on his Boy Scout camp-out last weekend, so it would make me nervous to have him walking around with a gift card that contains all of his spending money. I suppose it’s possible to get the $ on a gift card from the Disney Store prior to leaving, but then use the gift card to buy the actual Disney Dollars when we get there, right?


I found this I hope it helps help

Good news! You can call (407)566-4985 to place an order for Disney Dollars. You can also order Disney gift cards at this number is you would like to.
Their hours of operation are:

Monday through Saturday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Closed on Sunday


I know someone like that, but a whole lot older. :blink: Why not just give them cash. I know it’s not as much fun, but then you can give them just so much each day as you were going to do with the disney money.


The last time we stayed at Disney I was able to buy them right at the front desk of the resort. I hope that can help you out.


That’s a possibility, but then I’m afraid it might “accidentally” get spent on something else before we leave…and then they’ll be looking for more or begging me to buy them things when we get there!


Good to know, thanks for the info.!


Do Disney Dollars come in different denominations?


I still have mine in mint condition from back in 1992 or sometime around that time period. I will never spend it. It is with my other special bills I have collected over the years.

FairyGranmama: If I am not mistaken they do come in larger bills like 5, 10 and even higher I think.


I have the three Pirate boats Disney Dollars they put out a few years ago!


Yes, they do. At least in 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s. I can’t recall if they went higher than that. Those are the only ones I used with my kids.


I would love to be able to purchase before our trip! I want to give my family some spending money - guess I’ll have to get plastic, blah!