Disney Dollars?


Does Disney still sell Disney Dollars? The Disney Store and guest services at the parks used to sell them but I haven’t looked at buying hem in several years.


Stephanie—I know they still sell them, but I had to look to see where. It looks like it’s limited to Guest Services resort desks, and you can’t “use” them just everywhere anymore. I used to give my DD Disney Dollars when she was little. I guess they are pushing the gift cards now…

Disney Dollars | Frequently Asked Questions | Walt Disney World Resort


Thank you! I have a very good friend going to WDW this summer and when I suggested Disney Dollars for her little boys she got really excited. On my way home from work today I got to thinking about my suggestion and worried that they were no longer available.


We always used to get them at World of Disney,but we haven’t gotten them for a few years.We always gave them to our granddaughter.Now we just put money on a gift card so she can spend her “own” money.