Disney Dream & days at Disney


Just got home from our trip on the Disney Dream and two nights at POP. More to come but I have to say that POP rooms need to be updated! Cruising on the Dream was a Dream my son says!


Welcome back, I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


Can’t wait to hear all about it…I hope you got some pictures. We stayed at Pop when it was fairly new—in 2005 so if it’s not been thru rehab—I can imagine it needs it…


Can’t wait to hear all about the cruise!


Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Waiting impatiently! I hope you had a great trip!


Welcome home. Can’t wait to read the report.


We lefted on Wednesday night on a Delta flight which landed at 11:00pm in Orlando, we rented a car and drove to the Port thinking that we would stay somewhere along the way but we were so excited that we didn’t realize we had arrived. We ended up at the COuntry Inn and Suites with a view of the Disney Ship when it arrived into port that morning. Everyone was so excited that they wanted to leave now, so about 10:00am we lefted for Publix to get Pop(soda) for our 3 night cruise. Your thinking why are they taking pop on the ship when it’s unlimited pop, I’ll tell you I only drink diet pepsi! So we arrived at the port around 11:00am and about 12:30 we were walking on the Dream! My boys were so excited to ride THE DUCK as they call it, they went right up to deck 11 found the stairs and got in line, even after I told them we I wanted to have lunch first. They said they could eat any time, it was time to ride THE DUCK!


Cant wait to hear more! We are doing 4 night on the DREAM and then 3 night at WDW in January…so Im interested to hear how you liked it and how it all worked out! :minnie: