Disney Dream DVC Member Cruise


Is anyone going on it? I want to but I will have to miss class, and since I would be in a condensed program I don’t want to miss. I hear there are like free gifts everyday and sometimes special guests on board. I guess I could wait until I am done school 2 yrs from now!:crying:


Not next year…maybe in a few years.


Have you ever done one? Maybe we should all try to meet up on one in 2013. lol


I haven’t been on one. I know they cost more. 2013 sounds good :smile:


I have heard of lots of perks along with high cost. I think they sell out fast. I don’t think it is really worth it to me.


They cost more!:eek::eek::eek:
Ok maybe we should all try just meet up on a regular cruise. Not sure about more. Maybe if it wasn’t too much more.


If I am not mistaken, you have cruised with them at least 3 times, what perks come with that? Or is it 5 cruises that you need to go up in perks. For Carnival you have to take 10 to really get anything.


We are silver level and we still got some fun things. 5 is gold and gets you a bit more.


I haven’t done one yet, but REALLY want to. But I can’t take the kids out of school 2-3 weeks in, so it’s a NO-GO for me for quite a while. :glare:


How was your cruise?