Disney Dream Navigators


Whoever goes on the Dream 1st, please scan and post the Navigators! :happy:


I am expecting Navigators from the Maiden Voyage. My co-worker is on the cruise now and that’s the only thing I told him I wanted…the Daily Navigators. :happy:


Awesome! I can’t wait to see them!! :mickey:


Sorry…What’s a Navigator? (Coming from someone who has never been on a cruise ship!)


It is the daily newsletter that tells you what time all the activities are for the day. It is like your cruise Bible!


Cant wait to see them myself. Please share!!


I will be going in April. There are some out there on another board, but I am resisting looking. I love hearing stories and seeing pictures, but for some reason I want to wait to see the navigators and menus in person. :mickey:


my friends and I are loving to watch the mouse old cartoon,big laughing then^_^


So has anyone found the Dream navigators yet?


I would be interested in seeing them< I hope someone posts them soon!