Disney Dream Suite in New Orleans Square


OK…I really need to stay here!



Oh, so do I!


I tell you…if I won…I would so be out on the balcony, waving at the little people below. HAHAHA…that’s probably why I haven’t won!:laugh: :laugh: :huh:


SWEET!! I absolutely love the train idea. Some mighty lucky people will get to enjoy that suite.


OMG, that is so much nicer than the one at WDW. I am standing right next to you on that balcony, Pepper.


Just because it’s New Orleans themed, doesn’t mean you are supposed to flash the people throwing beads Dopey!:ohmy: :cool: :laugh:


Mega Cool.:smile:

Don’t forget to enter to stay there.:smile:
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Done! Thanks for the reminder R2:o)


Oh gosh, I know!!! Well Pep, if we end up going to DL in June & I happen to freakishly win a night stay I know you could get there pretty fast so I will call you, ok? I think you are allowed up to 5 people and it would just be Daniel & I so I would call any MBers in the area ASAP. Promise. :smile:


That would be awesome!:happy: :cool:


I couldn’t imagine having won a prize for up to 5 people and wasting 3 spaces when there are MBers that could be there quickly. Seriously, I just couldn’t live with myself. :laugh: Same with WDW, if I know MBers are around and I got your number… I’ll invite ya. promise.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You asked for it!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: I diddnent do that. You’re the one who …never mind :tongue:


I saw them tour this on the Disney Channel . . . it is very cool! I’ve been entering all month . . . you get until the end of Feb . . . and that’s 29 days worth!! :laugh: :laugh:


Hey, don’t forget your lawyer. :pirate:

Prize winners always should include their lawyers… :wub:


If you can get there fast enough my friend you are more than welcome! :happy:


And their partners in crime.:ph34r:


Oh you so did! And…I nevah!:angel:


That is gonna be one very crowded suite!:laugh: :laugh:


LOL! Oh ahahahahaha… “the little people” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: