Disney Dress


In my textiles GCSE course at highschool (2 years ago) we had to make a garment that a child was able to play in but also had to look appealing. We all chose themes, some chose ‘Dogs’, ‘Teddy Bears’, ‘Rainbows’ etc…but knowing me I chose DISNEY :heart:
So this is the dress I finally made, its floaty material and I didnt include sleeves so the childs arms werent restricted while playing. I chose good washable material but also APPEALING too. Luckily enough my school had a Disney embroidery machine, so I chose Thumper from Bambi to be embroided onto a pocket as it was my theme. This is the front view, pocket view and back view of the dress!
Let me know your thoughts on this, good or bad! The back is a bit shobby around the buttons but it was 2 years ago…im looking to go back into college now to do dress making so I hope this is good enough to go off :slight_smile:


So cute!!! If I had a little girl, I’d love for her to play in this…heck…I might even make a little boy play in it. hehe:happy:


hahah awh wow thanks so much :slight_smile: i dont think the little boy who was forced to wear a girls dress would even notice tbh, and he would look too cute for anyone to mock him :stuck_out_tongue:


Adorable :wub: :wub:


Very cute! I love Thumper :heart:


Awh thank you! I was planning on doing him in his original greyish colour, but my tutor said why not do him in Purple, it would go with the dress more…still I think he turned out alright :slight_smile:


So cute!!! I love it!!! :happy: I think Thumper looks good in purple!


Heck - I’d wear it.


Really cute:happy:


Oh great, how do you think that would hold up on your fountain frenzies?? We don’t need a wet dress contest:eek::blow::eek::blow:!!


hehe thank you for all your lovely comments!! Im glad you approve of thumper being a different colour :slight_smile: I wasnt too sure changing him but i guess it turned out okay!
im looking to doing a dress making course this september at college, Boss Mouse if i start making adult clothing i’ll be sure to make you one ;D


Hey, if those boys don’t behave… you know what to do!


Thank you. I look splendid in purple.


But i thought you preferred TU-TU’S ??


excellent, purples my fave colour so i bet i could fashion you up something disney fantastic :smiley:


I don’t know about in PA, But here in DE we have a rainbow of colors for our tu-tus.


When I saw Disney Dress and Boss commented, I had to cringe… it was like a car wreck… I still HAD to look! LOL! Guess it was a small bump and not a fender bender this time!
The dress is adorable… No Boss not for you though!


That is so cute! There are so many Bambi themed baby clothes out around here now from the Disney Store itself to the Supermarkets and they where characters we didn’t generally see alot of apparel for! Good luck with the dress making course! I reckon if you continued to make little cute outfits like that you could make a killing on ebay or etsy!


I gotta say I would pay good money to see Boss in a purple Thumper dress in the fountain. You just can’t buy entertainment that good.


FINALLY! thank you for recognizing that.