Disney Dumps "Narnia"


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Somebody wanted big bucks…


I really hope Fox does pick it up. I still think if the left “Prince” at the 12/07 release date it would have made more money.


Wow, did you read some of those comments on the link? A little harsh weren’t they?

It does seem like a shame, but I am sure its all about the money. It always is.


Prince Caspain wasn’t as good as the first movie which probably explains the drop in proceeds from the first film. Maybe they will now get rid of the lame attraction at Hollywood Studios.


I liked both movies and know I would enjoy the third, but I have to agree. I’ve seen both the Narnia and Prince Caspain attractions and I was very disappointed in them.

It was 10 years before that I was at DW and the last time I saw a making of… was the Dallmations. I was so impressed with it. It was actually interesting.


Haven’t seen the attractions, but I thoroughly enjoyed both movies. I do hope that a new partner can be found as I would love to see the whole series produced. Great books and if they remain true to the story line, great movies too.


yea I loved the attraction for the lion the with and the wardrobe one. but this new attraction just doesn’t make me happy I think it’s boring. but yea I red the dawn treader book and it seemed pretty cool but not as big a hit as the first movie I would say.

but yea those comments were very harsh.


i didn’t care for the prince caspian attraction when we went in november. i liked seeing the costumes but was expecting a whole lot more out of the attraction. rob hasn’t seen either movie yet and he was lost when he pretty much saw the movie in the attraction. i wish they could’ve done more for that attraction to make it more entertaining and appealing to everyone.


I didn’t see the Caspian attraction, but found the LWW tame but kind of cute.

Sorry to hear Disney isn’t backing the third movie, which I think would be the most exciting. However, I can see that all the ocean-going scenes would require a fairly large budget, if they at all wanted to approach the quality standards of the POTC franchise.

I was also very curious how they were going to approach the fourth book, which is much harder to understand for a “modern” audience.


That makes me sad because I love the books and felt like Disney did a great job with the movies. I will have to join the disappointment with the attraction at DHS though I did like the PC one over the LWW.


It’s a go with Fox backing Walden Media. I am so glad it has a new home and back to coming out around Christmas.
Fox to pick up Narnia franchise for third film (Reuters) - Yahoo! Movies


[QUOTE=2nd Star;929408]It’s a go with Fox backing Walden Media. I am so glad it has a new home and back to coming out around Christmas.
Fox to pick up Narnia franchise for third film (Reuters) - Yahoo! Movies[/QUOTE]

This makes me so happy! :happy:

Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is my favorite of the Narnia books, and I reeeeally wanted to see it made into a movie. I was so bummed when Disney dropped it!


I thought the books were good, the movies not.


I hate to say it, but I fell asleep during Prince Caspian. :blush:

I was very excited to see it after the attraction at DHS piqued my interest, but it just didn’t hold my attention like the first one.

I can understand why it didn’t make as much money as the first. And if the audience loses interest in such an expensive series, the third one doesn’t hold much of a chance at making a big profit.


My take on the reason Disney dumped it is this: obviously Prince Caspian didn’t do as well (and like ddoll, I wasn’t exactly held at rapt attention myself :blush:)…and I think they probably realized that from here on out, it is going to be more difficult to hold the attention of those who haven’t read the books. Yes, Edmund and Lucy are back, but Peter and Susan are gone and now there is the caveat of introducing two new children. Anyone who has read the books will accept that fact without question, but for the rest of the viewers, it’s like releasing a sequel with a different person playing the main character. It just loses something. :mellow:

Ah who am I kidding, they probably just saw the lower box office numbers and said “forget it”. But I like to try and give them more credit than that… :laugh:


Thats gotta hurt for the cast…


I think part of the reason PC didn’t do as well is because they strayed too far from the original story to “make it more relevant.” While the story probably did need some tightening up, the fairly drastic changes that were made to the original material meant that at least some of the reader fanbase, which is critical for this type of movie, was immediately alienated.
An example of this type of change was adding the White Witch into the bunker scene. It was obviously added for a “star recognition” moment, but was not needed to progress the story, and offended the book fans.
I’m a little more flexible on this than I used to be (still have problems with 101 Dalmations on this point), but there were just too many little things that added up for me.
That said, I will still go see VODT when it’s out, because even with the plot changes (not a spoiler, just an assumption), it’s still a better plot than much of the drivel that comes out of Hollywood these days.