Disney Eggs, What will they think of next?


I went to the grocery store today and lookey what I found. Disney eggs! I’ve seen the cookies, cereal, ice cream and pizza …but eggs?? Of course I felt compelled to buy them. Hello, my name is Chris and I’m a Disneyoholic! lol Anyway, here are some pics…


We bought these too!! DD5 wanted to keep the shell after we cracked them. I was like um . . . no! :blink:


Ok, I would have to buy those if saw them, they are so cute.


Cute!! :wub:

I see Mickey, Minnie, Wall-E, Eve… who else is stamped on them?


OMG I totally saw those today in the supermarket and I couldn’t believe it. I was like Disney eggs. I chuckled a little. I for the first time last week saw the Mickey Hamburger patties. Some of that stuff is too cute for words.


Hmmm? Are they free range?


ok, that is crazy! I knw that my husband would think that I was crazy if I bought them… but I would do it anyway!


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;935223]Cute!! :wub:

I see Mickey, Minnie, Wall-E, Eve… who else is stamped on them?[/QUOTE]

They also have Mater, Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Donald Duck and probably more.


But you have to buy the shaper thingy separately!


I haven’t seen many of the Disney grocery products in our stores. Not sure I would buy the eggs but an egg SHAPER would be adorable!


Egg Shapers are so hard to come by! My Dad wanted them and I got them for him for Valentine’s Day . . . round was all I could find? Where do you get them?


That’s too cool!


:laugh: Those are cute!! I would probably be compelled to buy them too, just because I know DD would freak out.


That is so cool. I have not seen any of the Disney products here in Ohio.


You could improvise and use cookie cutters. We use the large Mickey head that we bought in DTD that we use for pancakes. (When I actually make breakfast :pinch:)


I also have the cookie cutter and make huge plate of jell-o and have jell-o mickeys. lol! and my g/f makes a bow with whipped cream for minnie.


I saw these in Publix the other day and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Come on!! Regular eggs stamped with Dinsey characters for twice the price- a waste of money!


I saw the egg shapers in Mouse Gear just last week. I didn’t buy any though. They also had a pancake shaper.


I just had these eggs for breakfast and they were really good!:smile:


I know Disney Shopping: Disney Merchandise and Disneyland / Walt Disney World Shopping Service - The LaughingPlace Store has some mickey shaped ones.

Also, they have veggies (who includes a ranch dip I think), cheese, and milk by Disney. I buy DD the mickey head shaped cheese all the time.