Disney Employee family discounts


Does anyone know what are the discounts that family members get? My sister works driving the bus at disney. I thnk 40 percent off hotel but I was wondering about a package deal with free dining. Anyone know the discounts. Thank you, Jessie


If your sister is staying with you, the discount is 50% at hotels. If she’s not, then it’s 40%. There are no packages you can get that include free dining as far as I know. Sometimes Disney will offer specials that your sister should be able to see by accessing the hub. Right now there’s an offer up for 60% off hotel rooms if the cm is staying there, 50% if not. And you can add the ddp for a discounted rate. But it’s for select nights this summer. These offers come and go just like the ones to the general public. Hope this answers your question!


It’s an interesting job, I think will get more incentives.