Disney Excitement and a Nightmare!


Hey Everyone!!!
So excited here, I have about 10 days left, and I cant believe how quickly the time has flew by!!!

I did have a nightmare last week.
I dreamt that it was time to leave for airport and I wasn’t packed yet!!! :eek:
So I pulled the suitcases out of the attic this past weekend, and started sorting thru my clothes and putting other summer clothes away!
Iam going to try and do alot of packing this coming weekend after 1 last run of the laundry!!!

Yeah!!! so excited!!!

DD is going to be a 60’s Go Go Girl! :laugh:
and I have no idea if Iam going to wear my light up tink halloween shirt that I wore last year or wear my pirate costume… we will see! :happy:
I bought my park hoppers last week, all I have to do is pay for DDP and Car rental!


Yay! So exciting! :happy: I’m already looking forward to the trip report!


That is definitely a nightmare I would not want to become a reality. We leave on 10/30 and you just set my weekend plan for me. This weekend the suitcases are coming down. Since it is a quick trip for us and we won’t need to pack the whole house, we can pack the majority of our items and be okay until then. Thanks for the reminder!


Have a great time- maybe we will bump into each other!


I am leaving Friday and the kids don’t know… I have to pack sometime, but not sure when. I have a ton to do between now and then… I dug out the pin necklaces today, so I hope the kids don’t get suspicious…


OH I remember doing this in 2007! It was alot of fun!!!
I had my DD going!!!
I broke the news to her when I checked in for DME, how could I hide it after that? lol I told her I was going up to the counter to ask a question about taking a bus to someone’s house! :laugh:
The reaction was all worth it!!!