Disney Express (DE)?


We drive over from Tampa so I’ve never used DE.
Friend wants to come down to Disney via plane to Orlando Int Airport.
Does the DE travel to a bunch of resorts each trip, or does each bus go to only one resort, or does Disney try to place patrons on a bus that would go to say, the Epcot Resorts, etc, etc.

And are the Swan and Dolphin participating resorts in the DE??
I don’t recall ever seeing a DE bus in front of the Swan or Dolphin.




Usually stops at several resorts. Dolphin, Swan and Shades of Green are not WDW resorts and do not have Disney’s Magical Express.


DME runs alot like the park buses.I think when we went to Riverside there were guests for French Quarter on as well. When you get to the airport you check in with DME and then are sent to a spacific line with your resort name on it to wait to board. Then the shuffle you to your resort. It probably depends on the time of year and how busy it is,as to how the buses are shared by resorts that are close to one another.Hope this helps.


The last time we were in WDW was 2007, so my memory is a little fuzzy on the whole thing, but I have a vague memory of being impressed with the efficiency of the whole system. The line for our resort was very long, but we got through very quickly. It really was pretty impressive.


They have even made it more efficient now, with eliminating “checking in” to Magical Express. You just walk up to the line, show them your paperwork they pre-send you, and they tell you what line to get in. A matter of 30 seconds, you are in the line to get you on the bus.


Disney’s Magical Express is a shared ride. It is not meant to be specific to a single resort. Of course, if enough people happen to be going to that one resort all at the same time, I’m sure they’d plan a bus to accommodate that.

Your friend will need to be named on your resort reservation AND must have a specific Disney’s Magical Express reservation in his name, or else he will not be permitted to board a DME bus. DME is free, but only for registered resort guests, and only with a DME reservation