Disney Eye-sores! vacant buildings and prescious real estate!


is the virgin records megastore just going to a “rent-a-space” for traveling exibits? is the counter service area at the entrance to tomorrow land (if you make a quick right of of mainstreet) ever going to re-open? the movie memoribillia place in downtown disney…?

nevermind pleasure island, there are sooo many areas in disney that have been left for dead…

anyone else upset by this?


I understand the Virgin store. The economy and the personal music sales industry has totally changed with music downloads and mp3 players.

I miss the Tomorrowland Terrace Noddle Station. It was a nice place to eat and people watch. No matter how busy it was we could always get something to eat and relax. They still use it for special occasions such as the Wishes Desssert Party and other functions.

As to DTD, I miss some of Pleasure Island and am happy that other aspects have finally died a much deserved miserable death that was prolonged much longer than it should have been.

I believe the memoribillia shop was a privately owned. If they were not selling enough to pay the rent you cannot fault the owner for pulling chocks and getting outta there.

Through it all remember Walt said that his parks would never be finished. Here are a few examples.


When we were there in March, it was open, and quite packed. Not sure why they wouldn’t keep it open all the time. The food was terrific.


The Noodle Station was open a couple of weeks ago, has it closed since then?


i wish they still used the costume shops that you used to be able to see being worded in while driving by in the back-lot tour.


Noodle Station is marked as seasonal (as is El Pirata y el Perico Restaurnata).

Disney parks are still not pulling their weight money wise for Mouse Corp so I think we will continue to see a few holes in the cheese.


good thing the dolewhips aren’t seasonal!


Amen. I would hate to see the whip station closed.


We were there in early March and it was closed. Figures.:mad:


when we were at DLR on the 4th weekend,people were there,albeitlighter crowds than expected,one thing of note was the lack of lines and or business at the shops,restaurants were not as busy,gift shops OK,my opinion is this people still want to go,but their disposable cash is not what it was so they don’t spend like they used to…I personally believe we are all in a very precarious position,that being the growing fear of deflation…hopefully I am wrong but it just seems so,until and if I am going to enjoy myself either way DLR 2 weekends away followed by a 10 night trip to WDW in oct …


I saw people working in the costume shops at the beginning of the month and the Noodle Station was open.


I had previously started a thread just about this concern and I agree with you. Parts of DTD and PI are alot like any downturned economic cities you see around the US. I know many ideas have been floated around about DTD and PI and I hope something comes of those. I know I have noticed the upkeep of the parks and grounds aren’t what they used to be but that to is all part of the economy I believe but it too will bounce back albeit I don’t think ever to the standards that once were.


I’ll second that! I wish there were another place to get them within the MK (or other parks) - that line can get looong, but it’s still worth it.


I didn’t know the movie memorabilia shop had gone in DTD. With us missing a year last year I guess there’ll be one or two surprises coming up. Is the PI part just deserted buildings now or has it been renovated into something else. It’s quite a big piece of land to just leave to go derelict?


Nooo I didn’t know this had gone either! I loved this shop so much it was awesome and I always wanted to buy a script or something! Hope it comes back!


i don’t think it’ll be back… : ( DTD might as well have tumbleweeds floating down the street. i propose a “star wars cantina bar”… that would be AMAZING!


Oh my goodness is it so bad? Am I in for a shock when we venture down there?


mmm hmmmm : (


Yeah, the Noodle Terrace was closed while I was on my internship earlier this year. I believe it’s going to be considered seasonal overflow dining for a while. :confused: I love that you can still use it as a cut through to Tomorrowland though! haha.


hahahahahahahahaa yessss great shortcut. i beat you to the gates Brazil!