Disney Face Characters


I’m taking an economics class for school. The project I’m working on right now is future job, salary and so on. Anyway, my dream job would be working as a face character at Disneyland.

Does anyone know how much they get paid?

I am 5’4" which characters could I be?
My dream face character(s) would be Alice/Wendy,:wendy: but I believe I’m too tall. :crying:

Have any of you been face characters or even auditioned?:mickey:

Any suggestions, advice and stories would be greatly appreciated!! :heart:


Send a message to RowdyRaider. I bet he has some good scoop for you!


Wasn’t Rowdy Captain Jack at one time or am I mistaken?


Captain Jack is Captain Jack. Rowdy might’ve been his best friend… :laugh:


I’ll see what Rowdy has to say, thanks :slight_smile:


nice i like economics studies also i may join in future
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