Disney Fairy Tale Weddings


is on the Food Network right now!
It’s almost over, but it’s very good…except for the less than endearing bride-to-be Tammie Lee…


I’ve been watching htis, I love it. It’s so cool to see all the places were were such a short time ago. We even saw our 'Ohana server, Aziz, on the show.


I totally agree…talk about spending daddy’s money! I’ve seen this show a zillion times, but I still love watching it–especially that “Mad Hatter” cake! How fun!


OMG–$70,000 for her wedding?!? It was very, very nice but that’s a lot of money.


i just saw the price tag…70,000 dollars!
I am more than positive that my daddy LOVES me more than life…but if i went up to him and said “Daddy, I want to spend 70,000 on my wedding”
he would find another daughter


If my dad HAD $70,000 and was willing to give it to ME, I’d sure as heck spend it on something other than my wedding! A down payment on a house comes to mind…or at least something a little more “sustainable” than pictures of Mickey dancing with my great Aunt Nancy at my reception :laugh:!


I saw the last half of this when I was flipping through the channels. I loved seeing all the food–yummy! Drew was watching it with me and was getting especially excited over the Mad Hatter cake. He’s decided he knows what his cake is going to be if he ever gets married according to him. Mad Hatter is his favorite.

But wow, I can’t imagine spending $70,000 on a wedding! There are so many other things I would rather have right now…like a car, a house, etc…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If people would spend as much time and energy on their MARRIAGE as they do on their WEDDING there would be far fewer divorces!
I did love watching the show tho! MMMmmmmm Cheddar cheese soup from LeCellier!


I so agree. And for that matter, I’ve always been of the opinion that the effort expectant moms place on being pregnant should be spent learning about child care (from my own personal experience - I never changed a diaper before DD was born).


Once, we were sitting on the beach at Beach Club, and Cinderella’s glass carriage came by, with a great-looking horse pulling it and a beautiful bride inside with her dad… I think all the little girls held their breath as it went by… It was so beautiful! We could never figure out why it was there, or how it got there! I mean think about it… that’s really far form the Wedding Chapel, and you’d think there’s be no way to get the carriage and horse there anyway. And where in the world was it going? We have never seen it there since that one time… LOL


Miss D when we were there in Dec. there was a bride and her bridal party walking down the Boardwalk. I asked a CM where they could be going and they told me that there is another location for weddings in that area. The Wedding Pavilion isn’t the only place where couples can get married.


Oh, I see… wow! SOMEBODY at DC absolutely must go a find out about this and fill us all in… you know we hate to have something going on at WDW that we don’t know about! LOL