Disney fever


hi all , I’m new to DC and I have to say … VERY NICE SITE!!!

At first I wasn’t all that excited to be going to WDW but now that I have seen how excited my GF is about going I think I have caught it something awful :biggrin: I dont know if I’m as obsessed as my GF is but with every site I look at the more excited I get

Is that a bad thing ??

But more so I just wanted to say hi to everyone :mickey:


Welcome to Disney Central!

I’m not gonna even touch that OCB thingy…


OCB thingy??? …whats that ?


OCB - Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.

Probably 90% of us on Disney Central are afflicted…


:mickey: Just wanted to say Welcome to DC Goofy_Fan!!! :mickey:


Ok I got it Experiment 626… I think I already have the affliction :smile:
And thank you alice fan :wink:


Welcome to DC!!!


Hey, I think we’ve hooked another one!


Hi and welcome!!

Yep looks like you are catching the Disney bug, and I’m afraid there is no cure, only the medicarion you can find here at DC, and on trips to the World!


:mickey: Welcome to DC! :mickey:


Probably??? :laugh: :blink: :biggrin:

Welcome to DC, GoofyFan! It’s a great place to hang with friends.


Welcome to Disney Central!


welcome to the boards!


Thanks everyone :smile:

the good , we will be going in Feb. 07.

the bad, I have to start saving so I can catch up with wendy.
(ran into a little financial problem last month)

but I should start REALLY start socking some money away
next month when I resume my regular job again.
I just hope I will be able to catch up with her ammount. :biggrin:
thats my goal, As of right now I’m making roughly half of what I used to make.

But on a better note shes schelued to be back from her trip to MI. on thursday so I can’t wait to tell her the good news !!!

Thanks again, you all you really know how to make someone feel welcome!!! :mickey:


welcome goofyfan to disneycentral i hope you like it.


Welcome GoofyFan! You’ll get tons of advice here!


Welcome to DC! Glad to see you’re joining the obsession!


Welcome to DisneyCentral! I can’t wait to hear about your trip as you get closer to your trip.


<marquis/> Welcome! <marquis>
you’ll love DC!


:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: Welcome to DC! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: