Disney figurines on Pawn Stars


I was watching Pawn Stars(one of my fav shows) and a lady came into the shop with some glass figurines from Disney with all of the main Disney characters included. She claimed they were over 25 years old and mentioned something about them being from some items from a proposed Disney park in Italy. She ended up getting I believe $250 for the set but as far as her story I never heard of a proposed park in Italy. Anyone else ever hear of this proposal?


Ah that show can be really funny sometimes. I remember seeing a guy who wanted to sell this incredibly antique, precious Civil War Bond because he wanted to buy a guitar. It was a shame to see his lack of care for an important part of History, lol!

Anyway, I’ve never heard anything about a proposed park in Italy! Perhaps the lady is off her rocker a bit? :laugh:


Love that show! Love American Pickers too!
I agree with Curious Alice…off here rocker:laugh:


Haha Pawn Stars and American pickers are both great!

No, I’ve never heard anything about a proposed Italy park.

She probably bought them from a Disney china collection off of the Disney website or something.

If they’re nice, they’re probably worth 200.

But that’s funny, Pawn Stars usually brings experts in on stuff like that.
But it probably didn’t matter, Disney merchandise is probably something people always will buy. lol


I watched that episode, too. I had never heard that either. I figured the guy at the swap meet she bought them off of was just blowing smoke to make the deal. Pawn Stars is on of my favorites. Like American Pickers too.


I’m going to have to check out this Pawn Stars.