Disney Florist - you can mix it up


Well as usual when the trip starts getting closer I start to spend more effort on how to make it grand. (yes i am that guy)
I just got off of the phone with the disney florist and have ordered the “Disney Dozen” roses for the wife with a sneaky delivery while we arent in the room. The mix up is that my girl likes Carnations more than Roses. They are very happy to help you re-design the arrangement if they have the flowers. So my second mate will be getting 6 blood red roses with 6 red carnations and 6 white carnations for just a slight higher price. I used these folks last year for our 20th anniversary suprise and they really brought it home.
If you have something to celebrate give them a chance they are very accomodating.


I cringe to even think how much that cost you.


It was only $114.00. These arent Dis themselves just a contractor so they have reasonable prices. Good people.


I love the Disney Florest, they always do a great job!


I used them for a gift basket for my daughter and they were out of some of the stuff that was suppose to go in it and allowed me to pick from random stuff or get another basket. They made it more of a “big girl” basket when the original design was for little kids. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t outrageous either. I would use them again.