Disney Font


I finally figured out how to download the disney trademark font onto the computer and am able to print out letters using the font. I am so excited. It only took me an hour to do so but I finally got it to work…

I dont think you can use it in emails but you can sure use it in word…


Congrats! I have it on mine computer too. :heart: :happy:


Do you know where you can get stationary that deals with disney to put in outlook express for the background for emails? I would love that!!!

I think I need AAA for disney and I have never been. Just planning our first trip.


Where can we find this font?


Yeah i would love to have it !


Google “Disney Fonts” - you’ll find tons. Fonts from parks, resorts, movies, etc.


Here is a link to the fonts:


(sound of magic is a great site for audio and posters as well…)


Isn’t that a great font? I used it to write a letter to Disney :cool:


Would you share the font, or tell me how I can obtain it. It sounds like a fun think to have:happy:

Thank you


I posted a link just two post up :mickey:


Just a word to the wise, if you use this font to send emails or IM, it will only appear that way to the receiver if they have the same font installed on their computer.


what he meant to say to complete the thought was…:

…so include it as an attachment in an e-mail to all your friends so they’ll enjoy seeing your comments in that font.


We learned this through trial and error…didn’t we? :laugh:


Oh, I used to have this font on my old laptop! :sad: Sadly, it bit the dust and we didn’t take the time or money to try and retrieve anything off of it.

We used the Disney font for our homemade wedding announcements. :wub: So much fun, and they practically looked Disney-made because of that font!


Thanks for the link, this will come in handy when scrapbooking!


Thanks for the link, Tigger. I’ve wanted those fonts for awhile but never took the time to search for them.