Disney Gift Card


I just got the new Visa Reward catalogs and saw the new Disney Gift card they are offering, you can use it in the parks or any Disney owned place, I normally take $500 in cash when we go, I may get a card with $200 and the rest in cash, it would be a little safer.

I would put it all on there but what if you don’t use it all, then you are stuck, you can’t get the cash back, I could save it until next year but what if I don’t go for some reason?



Thanks so much for the link. I have read about the card and was wondering how someone could purchase it without going to the parks. Now Grandma can buy the kids something they will really like. The biggest kid of all is me. Now when my mom asks what I’d like for Christmas, I know exactly what to tell her. :happy:


I’m confused, Visa Reward Catalogues? We have the Disney Visa Card, we got it a month ago. Is this the same thing, and how do I get the catalogue?


When you have a Visa Disney Reward card they send you a booklet every so often with Disney deals, promotions etc, it has Disney Mobile in it this time, and it annouced a Disney Gift Card that you can buy


Actually,they are able to give you a refund. When I purchased my gift card and kept adding to it every time I did a day trip,I was told that I can pay my hotel balance when I come to stay. Well,when I go to check in at PC on the 4th,lo and behold I am told that I can’t!! I said to them that I need a refund on my gift card because that is how I was going to pay for my room. They told me to go to the PC gift shop and get a manager and he would be able to give me the refund,which he was able to do.


Well that is good info to have. I do like the idea of using a gift card instead of carrying cash in the parks, I will have cash but maybe $30 or so and I will lock the rest up in the room safe. So maybe I will get $200 on a card for the parks, mainly fod.


Hey thanks! I knw I can look this info up but it is always better to learn from others experiences…

I have points on my account, I have not called to redeem them yet, so what do I do? I assume that I call the CS line and tell them I want to redeem them and they send me a rewards card? Does this rewards card have the ability to be updated once I earn more points or do I have to request a new card? Do the points automatically start to go one the card or do I have to request it? Is this the card that I can put more cash onto so that I don’t have to carry cash when we are in the park or do I purchase the separate “Gift card”. We are going in September and this will be the first time I have the ability to use the rewards card points! Any information helps!


So you want to use the Visa Reward points? For those you need to request them online or I think you can call, they send you a card in the mail, make sure you request it early enough, when we go in Nov I order mine around the middle of Oct, we are going this year from 11/4 - 11/14.

If you mean the Disney Gift card you can get one at anytime, the gift card is different than the visa reward card. The gift card is just like any gift you can get, like for a xmas gift.


To redeem your Visa points just call the number that is on your statement. We received our reward card in about 2 weeks. You will continue to receive points as long as you use the charge card. As I said, I just got my reward card and I already have 6 points on my lastest statement. :smile: