Disney Gift Cards?


I remember someone talking about this in another thread, and I have tried to do some digging but I can’t find the thread…I remember someone saying that Disney was going to or thinking about having Disney Gift Cards that you can spend inside the parks? Does anyone remember this or I am just making this up?

Anyways, here is my story and maybe some of you can come up with a better answer…Dave and I recently bought new cell phones that had a 100 rebate…we were planning on taking the rebate and putting it towards our disney trip…BUT…the rebate came in Gift Visa Card form, and we have to use them by February. Since the earliest we are going back to WDW is March we were thinking of using the Gift Card to buy Disney Dollars or Disney Gift cards…The only problem is, do Disney Dollars even exist anymore…I can’t remember, and can you buy them anywhere other than the Disney Store? Because we don’t have one of those and I honestly have no idea where the closest one is…anyways, any help or suggestions on how to put this rebate gift card towards a disney trip is much appreciated!!


I do remember seeing that thread…maybe mickey would know. Try pming him. I would also like to know about these gift cards…nice gifts for DD for her birthday and christmas., They still do make disney dollars to the best of my knowledge. I haven’t tried to get them in a long time though. My disney store just reopened last sunday, so I will have to try it. Let me know if you find out about gift cards please. I am very interested.


Yes, I do. Both WDW and Disneyland currently have their own gift cards. Starting in 2006, there will be just once card that can be used at WDW, DL or the Disney Cruise. Right now, you can buy the DL one online through www.disneyland.com, but the WDW can only be purchased at the parks. I am under impression that soon, you will be able to buy the 2006 card online.


Probably not the best suggestion, but you could sell the gift card to someone who doesn’t want to use it for Disney, than put the cash towards your Disney vacation.


Does anyone know if you can purchase these on line yet? I went to the WDW site and could not find them. They are for sale on the Disneyland site. The site says you can use them at DL and will be able to use them at WDW soon. ( no date given for soon!) I do not want to purchase unless I know i can use then at WDW for sure!



That is my line of work… I deal with Gift and Prepaid cards… the Disney Stored should be selling their gift cards. You should be able to place whatever amount on it. It is a Re-Loadable gift card, which means you can add to the card at anytime. For example, you start with $100 - then you get a $50 cash gift you want to add to it… you go to the store and ask them to load the $50.00 onto the card and BINGO the card is now worth $150.00


Thanks for the info!


I suggest that you call the Disney Store in your area.
If I remember correctly the last time I was in the Disney Store I did see a display for the Gift Cards.
If worse comes to worse, why don’t you just by Disney Dollars with the visa :pirate:


I believe these can be purchased at www.disneyshopping.com as well.


My birthday is coming up soon, and the relatives were asking for suggestions so I thought the gift card would be a good idea. I know our Disney store sells Disney Dollars. I just wanted to make sure that the gift cards were for use in WDW not just DL.


Try this link… http://disneyshopping.go.com/DSSectionPage.process?Merchant_Id=2&Section_id=14418&Product_Id=195671&Searchstr=gift+cards&Page=1


Here is the link to buy them directly on-line…

It says these are the ones you can use to shop on-line, in BOTH DL and WDW, etc…

Even after reading the FAQs it still really doesn’t answer my question… can you use them to purchase park tickets? My sister-in-law wants us all to go in on a Disney gift card for father’s day so my father-in-law can buy an annual pass. Still not sure if that’s possible though.


Hold the phone!!!

In February anyway, you COULD NOT use the Disney Store cards at the parks… in order to use cards in the parks, you had to instead get a WDW DINING AND SHOPPING CARD, which was available at the shops with cash registers and at guest services. You load it up with an amount of your choice, and then they scan it wherever you make a purchase in the parks, or anywhere at the world, for that matter, including Downtown Disney…

We did this for our teens, and it saved a lot of frayed nerves. No more “Mom can I have…”

Note that you cannot use them at ice cream carts, etc. where there is no register. And on the last day, you can apply any balance to your last meal or whatever!


Thanks for the info, I think I will call Disney today and ask if the cards can be used at WDW. I will post with an answer when I get one!


I just called the Gift card info number on the FAQ page. The operator said the gift card can be used at shops and resturants on WDW property. Also I asked if you can use them toward the purcahse of tickets and she said yes. She said call 3rd party vendors at DTD ( Like Rainforest Cafe ) to ask if they take the card.
Hope this helps


This is all perfectly correct… just be sure you buy the DISNEY SHOPPING AND DINING CARD at Walt Disney World, and not the DISNEY STORE GIFT CARD. They are two different cards. I am 99.9% sure that the Disney Store cards will not work at park restaurants and shops…

The Disney Store cards are gret for shopping at the Disney Stores, but the dining card is what you need to do the food/shops thing in the parks. The cards are very easy to buy and are reloadable.


This is what a Dining & Shopping Gift Cards looks like. They are available all over the parks and DTD.


I believe the shopping and dining card can be loaded up to $1,500.


I think you can buy them over the phone too. When I was booking BBB for DD, the CM offered that as a payment option for me. She asked if I wanted to purchase one cause I asked if we had to pay when we booked or not.