Disney Gift Cards


Anyone know if the Disney gift cards have an expiration? I’m absolutely terrible at saving money. I’d like to purchase these instead to save for my WDW vacation. But the vacation isn’t likely for at least a year or two.


I’ve been told by CM at the Disney Store that they never expire and they are reloadable. I think that’s a great idea for saving money; I do the same thing with Disney Dollars for my children.


no they do not expire. I get them all the time for our vaction.


Does anyone know if they can be used to purchase park tickets?


Yes they can. I am 90% sure.


Ok I just checked it out. You absolutely can purchase tickets. Here is the link Disney Gift Card - Shop, Dine, Stay & Play


That is such a good travel tip. I would have never thought of that. Can they be used to purchase meals, too? That would be so much better then carrying cash.


Yes they can. Check out the link. It tells you everything you can do with them. They’re really great. Especially for gifts. People love getting DGC’s. I love giving them to kids to use at Disney parks. Kids get so many toys for Christmas, Birthdays etc. It is hard to know what they have and don’t have. This ways they can pick out something at DW that might be special to them and to remind them of their trip.


Thank you for the info. I think I will put all my money on a Disney gift card. We can purchase one at the MK or in a Disney Store correct?


I never thought of the gift card route. Thanks for the info!


Thanks for all the great tips! Now, I can start saving for that perfect WDW trip with my family. My first with my wife and kids. I only need to save about $8500 (my gosh, it sounds like so much). I really want it to be special, and we can’t really stay at a Value resort becaust there’s 5 of us. The suites just cost too much. Anyway, I babling now, thanks again everyone!