Disney Gift Cards


Has anyone ever purchased these? They sell them on the WDW website. I was going to get some for our trip instead of stashing cash away.

Can I use them to purchase our dining plan? (Since we’re DVC members I can’t pay for it until check in–and we’ll be paying twice since we have a split stay)



We have bought them and used them in the parks, but never to buy the dining plan. I like using the gift cards instead of always having change in my pockets. You can always add to them if they get low.


Friends and Family give us GC all the time for gifts, since they know we are a Disney Freaks!! :blush: I’ve used them online to pay off trips, but my dining is always included, so I’m not sure if I could use them at the front desk to pay for things? I know you can use them at the shops in Disney. I would call and inquire.


We’ve used gift cards to pay off our charges made to our room so I’m sure you could pay off the dining plan.


Thanks everyone!! I figured it was easier to put money into the gift cards instead of having cash all over the place. Now the only prob I’m running into is how to get one from them for more than 100$ !