Disney Gift Cards


We’re considering starting to save the “spending money” portion of our budget by periodically purchasing gift cards from the Disney store. Naturally, the cards say “at participating locations.” So the natural question, are most of the restaurants, stores, etc. in WDW “participating locations” or is it pretty limited?


Al -

I use Disney Gift Cards every trip now. I used to do Disney Dollars, but try getting your hands on those now - do they even make the any more? To answer your question, Disney Gift Cards are accepted in any place that Disney owns. That covers all parks and resort and some of the DTD places. I usually split my spending money for the day and have half in cash and the other in Disney Gift Cards. It works out well for me.


Just Like DANA says … Everywhere in the Kingdom. We split cards & cash as well and it was handy. My only problem was having to whip out my Disney Princess gift card :eek:. My two little ladies wouldn’t let me have a Tron or Mater… :crying:


If it’s at WDW and has a register, they’ll take your card. If it’s only a cash box, which only very few exist they won’t since there’s no way to scan it. We’ve used one at places we thought would never take it, like the food carts, but they did.
Even the Disney Outlet stores offsite take them.


For my trip to DLR in August I had purchased $20-$50 each week in gift cards when I went to the grocery store. So by the time the trip came up I had like $800 in gift cards for spending money. What I ended up doing was using my room key for all of my purchases and then I paid off my room charges with the gift cards. This way I didn’t have to carry a bunch of gift cards around with me. Now the only issue with this was that it took quite a awhile to process all of the gift cards at the front desk. But it worked out in the end.


That’s exactly what I did. Put all your charges on the room key card, and then process at guest services the payment with the gift cards. I don’t know if anyone else has problems using the gift cards throughout Disney, but lots of time, the register wouldn’t read the card, so they would say it doesn’t work, then you have to request them to input manually and then it would. Just too much trouble, so using the room key card is so much easier.


How did they handel that on check-in? Usually they want a credit card. I am looking at doing the same thing.


I gave them my cc at check in, but the night before we left, I went to Guest Services and applied the gift cards bringing it down to a zero balance. Then, our last day we just used cash/gift card.


Sounds good. I’ll do the same.


[QUOTE=bransworld;1100009]What I ended up doing was using my room key for all of my purchases and then I paid off my room charges with the gift cards. QUOTE]

What a cool idea. Thanks.


Can you use your gift card for tips at restaurants (we’re on the dining plan)


That is a good question… hopefully someone with this answer will come along…