Disney goes above and beyond!


I’ve been gone for awhile and trying to catch up on all the happenings around Mousebuzz! It sounds like there have been some great trips!

I had sent a letter to Disney following our family reunion trip in June at the Grand Floridian (first letter in 8 trips) due to some customer service issues. I received a call the other week to ask a few questions about my letter and to advise me that Disney would like to comp my family 2 rooms for 3 nights at any Disney Deluxe resort and fastpasses. I almost cried when she told me that. I recently lost my job (single parent) due to our company being sold. I will get to go to Disney this year now (we have APs so only need to pay for food). I told the cast member that called me that I did not write the letter expecting or wanting anything in return. She said that came across very clear and was part of the reason they wanted to provide us the rooms.

This is why we go to Disney at least once per year. Disney is going above and beyond! I just wanted to share the news with others who might be as excited as I am.


That’s amazing! Things like that just make me happy.


That is so fantastic - glad you get to go to the world again - sorry to hear you lost your job.
good luck with things in the future.


This made me smile, thanks for sharing.


Wow, very nice! I’m glad that you’ll be able to go back to Disney again soon and hope that you’ll be employed again very soon:)


That’s wonderful that Disney magic still exists, have fun on your trip!!


Sorry to hear about your job situation, but at least you’ll be back in the world again this year. Good luck with your job search.


hip,hip hooray…that is great news, a very nice jesture on disneys behalf…great to hear


Disney is always taking care for their visitors. But this is first time I heard about the free accommodation. You are so lucky. Best of luck for you tour and job both.


That’s really great news, especially when you’re faced with something as difficult as unemployment as a single parent. Have a wonderful time on your trip!


I’m so pleased for you!:happy:


What a great ray of sunshine into your circumstances! Just reminds us all why we LOVE WDW!


That really warms my heart. Good for you!


Awesome !!!
While we were there , THEY ALL said happy birthday to our DD and handed her little gifts everywhere we went … Truly Disney Magic at it’s best !!!


Thanks for all the kind wishes. I really appreciate the notes. I wanted to post a positive about Disney because I had been reading quite a few negatives. I choked up when she told me - it was such a surprise and so needed. Now, we just need to find a weekend that works the extended family!


Well that’s great news. This is the time to cheer. Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for sharing such a great story. Good luck on the job hunt…there’s magic in the air:happy:


Thanks for sharing some good news in this crazy world we live in.
Have a Magical vacation when you go.