Disney Grammy


:mickey: We are spending Thanksgiving at WDW. I cannot wait. We are booked for Mickey’s Merry Christmas and Cirque De Solei. It will be just my husband and I this time. We have been there 3 other times, twice with our
grandchildren. I know that I am going to miss them terribly. I am 62, but a real kid at heart. There is something about MK that gives you such a relaxed feeling and really makes you feel like a kid again. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. We have stayed there all three times before. I love this resort. It is such a beautiful resort and the location to everything is perfect. I love taking the boat to Downtown Disney. 14 days and counting.


here’s pixie dust that those 14 days fly by!! have a great time!


Hope these last 14 days fly by, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time, WDW is amazing at holiday time.


So exciting… it is so hard to wait… but it will be here before you know it… have fun!


Hey Grammy. Welcome to MB.

Now, details young 'un; we need details of your plans. Those of us left behind need the vicarious living.


Have a great time and I hope you are planning on doing a trip report when you get back!


Have a great trip. We’ll be at POR until Nov. 19. What are your travel dates?


Our last 7 trips to WDW have been without our dd’s and grandkids, and you’re right. The first 2 just didn’t seem right without them, we truly missed them, but now we’re use to being there without them. You’ll enjoy it. Have fun and let that inner kid in you come out.
Wecome to Mousebuzz, you’re going to like it here.



You’ll have a great time. People watching is great because the holidays are an extra special magical time. The amazement on the little one’s faces is even better than usual.

It’s my fav time to go. I’m bummed because we haven’t been able to make any plans for a trip due to some minor medical issues. I really need a little bit of Disney magic!

Make sure you take time to visit the resort hotels. ESPECIALLY the GF which has a gingerbread house you have to see to believe.

And get your picture taken with the characters. Character greetings are for kids of ALL ages!


Hi and Welcome to mousebuzz. I am so happy you found us!

A trip without the grandkids during the holiday season is going to be just as wonderful as when they are there. Take your time to do all the things that you guys enjoy…time to smell the roses and enjoy the magic without any of the rushing from one attraction to the next sounds like heaven to me. Enjoy!


I hope the time flies by for you. I know you’ll have a great time with the added magic of the holidays. Let us know how things turn out!


Welcome to the MB :smile: Hope you have a great time.


Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! Have an amazing trip and come back and share it with us!


We arrive 11/21 to 11/28/07. I am a little nervous about flying the day before Thanksgiving. Delays and lost luggage are a concern of mine. We are flying US Air!!! Say a couple of prayers for us. Ha! Ha!


Well we get to WDW on 11/21/07. Mickey’s Merry Christmas party is Friday
11/23 and Cirque De Solei is Monday 11/26. We plan on doing the Mt. Everest
roller coaster in AK, the Rock & Rollin Aerosmith roller coaster, Tower of Terror and Fantasmic in MGM. We do not really have any special plans other then the Christmas party and Cirqu De Solei. We have reservations at Tony’s
Italian restuarant on 11/23. Hopefully we will be done in time for the parade. Let me put it another way, we will be done in time for the parade. I need a front row seat!!! We fly home to Philadelphia airport on 11/28/07. I get depressed just thinking about it being over. The antisipation is overwhelming at times. We are flying US Air the day before Thanksgiving. Say a prayer for us. Delays and lost luggage is very common with US Air.
I will let you know how our trip was. Oh! I had a special T-shirt made for this trip. On the front is say Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside. On the back it says The year of a million dreams. Maybe they will tap me on my shoulder and tell me that I won something neat. :goofybounce:


First- welcome!
Second- you will have a great time!
Third- you are leaving on my Bday so I know you will have a great time.

Have fun and enjoy your husband and yourself.


We’ll be at POR from 11/26 to 12/01. I’ll be watching for your shirt.:smile:


Grams, we use Baltimore now. Philly had gone down hill the past couple of years, but seems to be turning things around. You’ll be ok.
I love the cirque! Nice plan.


Welcome to MB! Your plans look wonderful. I think you’re really gonna like Cirque!


:goofybounce: Boy! you are closer to going them I am. Where are you staying? How long are you going to be there? Have a Marvolus Mickey time!