Disney guest communications


Just a general question about the new disney guest communications access,has anyone needed to use it,how easy was it to use and how was your expeience and if you could pass on the easiest way to get in touch with them,I have been told that the experience is not as smooth as it used to be and find that hard to belive but some of the stories that have been relayed to me shock me…any feedback would be very helpful


hmmmm, I have not even heard that things with communications have changed. Pray tell, what have you been told about others’ experiences?


I don’t know what Disney Guest Communications is and I have been many many times!!

Pardon me for asking but—what is it?


[QUOTE=smallworld;1109775]I don’t know what Disney Guest Communications is and I have been many many times!!

Pardon me for asking but—what is it?[/QUOTE]

in the parks there is guest relations,but in case your concern has not been met,they have another tier called guest communications,the problem is they have no published telephone number,so you have to e-mail them and hope that they repond,also in the past corporate help used to be easily accessable,also when you are done talking to them,lets say you ask them for an e-mail confirming your conversation and also a path to contact them in the future,they are not allowed to send you an e-mail,the reson I brought this up I prior to my last trip called WDW and asked about a specific policy and when I got guest relations at WDW they said I was miss informed,but since except for a cast membername I had no proof of what was relayed to me …in the past i would have had a contact to refer to and the issue would easily be resolved,now not so much…but in answer to your question just the fact that you didn’t know that it existed is proof enough of the extent of how hard it is to find them.


Wow—didn’t know anything like that existed. I’ve never seen anything written about it anywhere. Thanks for the explanation.


All that being said we have just booked a cruise and land stay for OCT,and my reservations for next spring are already made,you see we are disney fans thru and thruand no matter what changes disney makes to their customer care,we are stll fulfledged fans…period…that will only change when that corporate attitude slips into the parks and resorts,and I am fairly sure that will not happen in MY lifetime…long live disney


I have emailed them a couple of times through the Disney website and they definitely do respond. It may be a couple of weeks, but they will have a representative call you and go over the whole email with you to make sure that they properly understand what it is that you wanted relayed to them. I have used it twice, once for issues with reservation services and the second time for issues with a resort, but to also commend some CM’s that I though were exceptional.

Sometimes the wait makes you wonder if anyone pays attention, but believe me, they do. If they think issues warrant some sort of compensation, they will provide it. I didn’t even expect a response the second time that I emailed them. A week or two later Disney showed up on my caller ID, and I had a pleasant talk with the representative. After, my son received an autographed photo of Mickey & Minnie in the mail wishing him a Happy Birthday. Totally unexpected! :wub:

I would have never expected such great responses and attention to an email, but I had a friend who had sent one it previously after big disappointments and because he was so pleased, he had suggested it to me after my first issue.

Remember: They also want people to use the system when they are met with exceptionally wonderful CM’s. It’s a great way for them to know who are their best employees. :goofybounce: