Disney Halloween Costumes


Got the kid’s halloween costumes in the mail yesterday dd is being Ariel, the costume is great! And DS is being Buzz and the costume is AWESOME!


Glad they arrived safe and sound. They do make lovely costumes. I hope you post a picture of them all dressed up.


I could go as Imagineer Joseph “Joe” Rohde, but it would hurt my ear a LOT. :eek:



Bwah! :laugh:


The buzz costume is wonderful … my 3 year old was buzz last year and he played dress up with it everyday after halloween. The woody costume was also great, my 4 year old was woody last year. :slight_smile: This year, we have captain hook and peter pan … and mommy is tinkerbelle. :ohmy: I think next year, we need a theme where daddy gets to dress up. :laugh:

I am sure all of them will be such cuties. Disney does a great job with costumes.


our ds2.5 was jack sparrow last year for MNNSHP he looked so cute in that costume.


Daddy should be Captain hook…I saw a family in total theme last year at the party…it was awesome. Mom was wendy, dad captain hook, peter pan was one boy, the baby tinkerbell and the other boy looked like a lost boy, but a homemade costume that was just as nice as the disney ones…it was adorable and probally made a lovely picture.


Dana ~ sounds cute!
Chris ~ we were going to go with the Jack Sparrow costume, but DS insisted he was going to be Buzz rescue! LOL


ds2.5 just started getting into toy story. he might be buzz or woody this year, we are not sure yet…


he might be buzz or woody this year, we are not sure yet…[/QUOTE]

We had thought of making a Woody & Jesse outfit; cow pattern shirt, jeans…


I went to a local costume shop with some friends last week and browsed around…they had some Disney-themed costumes, but they were VERY pricey!! Snow White for 99 dollars?? Bah.

I’ll be in town for Halloween, as in my town for school, and on an art student budget :laugh: so I think I’ll just be Kim Possible. I’ve got the pants, I have a black shirt at home thats perfect…I might splurge on an auburn wig but thats it! :happy:


FYI, DisneyShopping.com: Home Page has some costumes on sale for $19.99 today only.


DS is going to be Luke Skywalker this year. We could not find a Classic Luke costume so I bought him the Obi costume at Target and convinced him it was the Jedi Knight Luke outfit. Then when I took the costume out it turned out to be different then the picture showed on the front package. It actually does look more like the classic Luke . The top is all a light beight or camel color without any brown on it. The picture showed had brown on it. So DS was very happy with his Luke outfit and has already asked to wear it about 10 times.


Mrs. Incredible costume is so cool and i will buy it.


My dd is going to be Sleeping Beauty. She is constantly putting on the constume and dancing around the house. I am going to take the costume to Disney with us in November and let her wear it to the MVMCP.