Disney here I come


It’s been a long time…Life has been very crazy.But on a good note I’m heading back to Disney in 2011:happy::happy:We had such a wonderful time this year at BLT and BCV but this time we are staying off-site for the first time. To tell you the truth I am a little nervous. I couldn’t beat the cost of $60 a night for a 3 bedroom condo just down the road, plus I’m splitting the cost with a friend. My boys and I are going to have so much fun showing her and her 3 kids the magic of Disney. This time we are venturing to Sea World and the beach…right now it seems like the 12 nights and 13 days aren’t enought:blush: but I guess we’ll make it work. This will be our first time without the dining plan also…i have a feeling the money i save on hotel will be spent for food:mad:oh well…the important thing is we’re going to DISNEY!!!:goofybounce::goofybounce:


Sounds like a fun plan! My oldest DD is reading over my shoulder, and she saw that you’re staying for 13 days on your upcoming trip, and she said, “Oh, I would LOVE to go for that long.” :happy:


But i wanna go to!! Darn spring breaks not being the same!!:laugh:


Congrats…13 days sounds wonderful! When are you going?:happy:


March 23 - April 4th…never been that time of year, any thoughts on crowds? weather? Billi promise me that one day we WILL do Disney together…maybe when the kids are in college and we can make it a girls weekend…errr…week…Month???


I like the month!!! We will someday get to go together!!:laugh:


wow, 13 days…i would love to do 13 days:heart:
i’ve seaworld & the beaches. I loved the beaches down in florida, so much nicer then where i live. I had ok time at seaworld, my mom was suprised alot of the stuff was closed but that was a couple years ago. I would love to seaworld & all the off site stuff…one day again. a girl can dream right? lol