Disney Hilton Transportation


I have an office friend who is taking her daughter and two of her friends on a senior trip. She is looking at the Disney Hilton but is concerned about the transportation. How is the Hilton transportation? Is it shared with the other DTD hotels buses?

Also, would it be a short walk or practical for them just to walk over to DTD to catch the regular Disney buses?


Well the buses are definately not shared with the Disney buses. I am assuming Hilton has their own shuttles, etc to the parks that probably leave during certain hours during the day. i am not sure where the Hilton lies on that little “hotel row” near DtD but I’ve seen people walking to DTD from them before. It’s really not THAT far but I would hope their shuttle services would be sufficient enough so walking to catch a Disney bus wouldn’t be necassary. Maybe Hilton has a concierge or the desk staff can help.


I have heard that the buses for the HIlton are nicer than Disney busses :c)


I think she is concerned with the frequency of the buses and getting around different parts of the world and how many stops they make.

A question: MYW tickets do entitle you to use of the WDW transportation system whether you stay on site or not, right?


Yes,they do. However,if your friend walks to DTD to catch the disney buses,those buses go to the resorts. They will have to then take another bus to a particular park.


Thanks, that’s good info.


I stayed at the Hilton twice and Grosvenor across the street twice, and all those times we took the DTD hotel buses. They are very nice and we never had a problem. Grosvenor is usually the last stop, and Hilton is second to last, so she may just barely get good seating, if any seat! Sometimes they only have standing room left.

There is a schedule in every hotel room I beleive about pick-up times and which buses leave when. If not I am sure the front desk would have them!

Yay Disney Hilton, for those unable to afford the park resorts! :biggrin: