Disney hits Magic Time Machine


Went to a Restaurant in Dallas, TX last week called Magic Time Machine, there’s one in San Antonio too I believe. Each room is themed as well as the wait staff in Character. We were escorted to our room, the Lunch Box, by Flynn Rider and was waited on by the Little Mermaid. The next room over was the dad from The Incredibles and around the corner was Lilo with Stitch on her side. Even saw Jack Sparrow lurking around the restaurant haha. The girls loved it!


Oh wow Cyndi that sounds like such a fun place to go!


Cool! I wish we had one of those here. That would be a great Disney fix!


We also saw Cindy & Mad Hatter, as well as many non-Disney’s serving like Lara Croft, Waldo, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Mario and more. Of course they weren’t “Disney Friendly” but it was still fun.


Wow thanks for sharing! I drive by the one here everyday and had no idea what it was except it looked like it has soccer balls all over the outside lol! Are they good costumes or cheesey Los Angeles street corner ones? Lol. And are they pricey?


Oh i’d say they are Halloween quality. Matter of fact it’s like the staff are having 1 big costume party. Not the real deal but still fun no less.
Food isn’t bad, nice variety but with any theming atmosphere you’re paying for the novelty. If you’re close to one you should try it. Definitely an experience like no other.
Magic Time Machine

Flynn Rider with some of the girls.

an older pic of the room we sat in on this trip

Our server


Love the photos and I think it sounds great- wish we had such fun places here.


Sweet! We’ll have to take the kids there! So glad you posted this because I never have thought to try it!