Disney Holiday Magic on Travel Channel


A new Disney Holiday show is coming on at 8:00 pm on Travel Channel for those interested!!!


we are already watching the one currently on teh travel channel now… Im afraid the holiday one will really make me cry- it has been a rough family day and I wish more than anything that we had plans to leave in a week or so… it is so hard to have to endure the family stuff when you know there is a place where magic lives and you are not there!


That sounds like it would be neat! any details?


I’m watching it now and it is…magical.:wub:

I can hardly believe that we’ll probably be there for Christmas next year!


Im watching it and sooooo jealous of those that are there- they just showed the cindy suite and next is the parade- Hey, where is our own Rowdy working these days? i always wonder when we see videos like this!


Don’t know, but wasn’t the Cindy Suite amazing (loved the ceiling over the tub! - and THE CASTLE all lit up with ice!


Boy do I wish I could be there! It looks sooooo great at Christmas!
The castle lighting was amazing!


its hard to watch when you are crying… Im such a sap!


This is being recorded on the TIVO. I can’t wait to watch it later. I am happy to have a new WDW special to watch. I have watched the others so many times. Wouldn’t it be fun to be Samantha Brown? She’s a lucky girl.

Thanks for your reviews.


OK, now they have Christmas at Disney World on the Food Network. I need a fix bad!


The letters… WOW!!!

I can’t wait until NEXT Christmas when I get to see it in person!!


We just watched it. It was fun to watch after our trip there last year. DS really got into it! All he kept saying is, “When can we go back??” Little does he know that on Christmas morning, magical surprises await him. :happy:


I was visiting my wife in the hospital at 8 PM and forgot it was on then, so I watched Countdown.
Guess I’ll catch the repeat at 11 PM.


Thanks for the heads up!
I SHOULD have been completing an online test and DH “caught” me watching that instead lol. But, he ended up watching it too! It’s on at 11 too? I better finish that test so I can watch it again …:O)
THe castle is Sooooo beautiful! I can’t wait to get there! I heard they start the lights in August… How long do they leave the castle sparkles up?

ROFL about the earring- DH and I were just talking about that when they were on Everest! That could be REALLY painful.


That show just confirmed that next time we go it will be the weekend before Thanksgiving and leave the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were tossing the idea around of should we go at that time or do our winter escape and go at spring break? No brainer now! That was a great show!!:wub:


My mistake, it’s repeating at Midnight eastern time, not 11.
There is a WDW show on now though.


We watched this show and I think my wife is ready to book. Fingers are crossed.



Soundgod, I hope everything is okay with your wife. Will send pixie dust and good thoughts if needed!


Show airing again on Friday night at 8:00 pm, Travel Channel for those that missed it.


It was so nice to see a new WDW show for a change. And as pretty as the castle looked on tv, it’s even more so in person. We’ll be watching that one again, for sure!!