Disney Honeymoon Plans


Any cost saving suggestions? Any other suggestions? My nephew is planning his honeymoon and wants to now the ins and outs…



Honestly, there are a myriad of ways to save money. If he hasn’t been before, the value resorts can honestly be great and they would have a wonderful honeymoon. It is an amazing deal to get a value resort, normal dining plan, and park hopper passes. It really also depends on what he wants to spend.

Were it my honeymoon, I would look at a value, or a moderate, or even look at renting points for say Old Key West and have a fantastic honeymoon. There are lots of people on here to help. Let us know what he is looking for and possibly a ballpark budget. Check out DVCRentalstore.com, Paul there is one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with.


Value resort at best. When do the Dining deals come out for Sept-October?


I am not quite sure on the dining deals for the fall. I am sure someone on here would know.

As for the hotels, I would have them look at one of the Pop’s, we loved Pop Century but I bet someone has a great recommendation on that too.


I wouldn’t dismiss the dvc resorts right off the bat. Run the numbers of doing a free dining at POP vs. renting points and doing meals out of pocket or ddp. We love AKV (main lodge) and the value rooms there are a great deal. Not to dis POP, we stayed there several times, but it’s just a thought.


I’m leaning toward recommending POFQ, as it’s the most intimate resort of them all. It just seemed to me the values I stayed at constantly were much more “busy” and loud. POFQ much more relaxed. Then they could take advantage of the carriage ride, or a nice romantic walk along the river. You also then have the boat that leads to DTD.


POFQ does seem look like it has a bit of romance to it. If a MOD is feasible i’d go with that. Aren’t they running room discounts off room only?


My experience in pricing out DVC rentals is that even when you factor in the “free” dining it’s as cheap or cheaper to rent points and stay at a DVC deluxe resort even paying for the dining plan than staying value and renting from Disney. The one time that it was even close was during the buy 4 and get 3 free promotion.

There are plenty of people who rent points here and will be glad to help you out with questions. Most of the time rentals are $10-14 per point, and the number of points needed depends on resort, unit size, view and time of year.


There are plenty of people who rent points here and will be glad to help you out with questions. Most of the time rentals are $10-14 per point, and the number of points needed depends on resort, unit size, view and time of year.[/QUOTE]

So if they plan to stay 10 days how many points does that take?


what time frame in the Fall? right now, they are offering discounts up through October 1. . .on room only.

We didn’t honeymoon there, but got engaged there and celebrated 15 years marriage there.

I would try hard for a moderate. . there are hot tubs, bar, etc. If not, then I would go with POP for a value.

For budget tips, plan early, look for deals, AAA has deals on park passes, airfare always changing.

If you rent DVC points, you can cook food in your room for a big savings. Even with a mod, there are fridges in the room.

I guess, budget tips are budget tips whether on a honeymoon or not. Make sure you tell them when you book that its your honeymoon so you can get the pin, etc.


DW and I went to Disney World for part of our honeymoon too. One thing that we did, which worked out to be amazing is a honeymoon registery. People purchased specific parts of our trip. For example someone paid for our dinner at Le Cellier, someone else paid for a carriage ride at PO, etc. We of course booked our trip and did the dining plan, but all aspects of our trip was paid for. We then upgraded our tickets (also paid for by someone else) to annual passes for less than $50. Once we returned and sent out thank-yous we included a picture of us doing that specific thing which they purchased.


If you want more info on what did while there on our honeymoon or have specific questions, ask away. :mickey:


Wow hope it all goes well

We had our honeymoon at Disney world, I would recommend you let the restaurant know your special occasion.

If they like attention pop in to the town hall and get a honeymoon pin.

Book a photo shoot at GF its so nice.

Watch fireworks from Cal Grill or Narcoses (some say artist point but I’ve never been there).

Put up a couple of wedding card in the bed room.