Disney in December


what is the best week in December to visit?


I believe the first two weeks are the least crowded.


The parks get more crowded as the month goes on but not really busy until right before Christmas.

There’s usually a football/cheerleading thing (Pop Warner) going on around December 3-8th but I don’t know that it makes a huge difference in the park crowds but it would at the All Star resorts where they stay.


POR is already booked for the 2nd week od dec.


To me, ANYTIME in December would be a great time to go!:laugh: :laugh:


AAHHHH! That’s when I’ll be there. How can you find out for sure and will they invade Hollywood Studio’s? That’s what someone else was saying on another thread. I’d have to plan to hit that before they arrive.


Well they invaded Hollywood Studios for a cheerleading competition on February 9… used the Indiana Jones Stunt Show theater.

I’m not sure about this, though… I’ll do some research.


Here’s the website for Pop Warner, you might be able to find a 2008 schedule there. 2007 Pop Warner National Championships


And, Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World usually posts the dates for the December Pop Warner tournament on their website as well.


Well, the Pop Warner says they’re competition is the day we leave so we should be good. Thanks for the sites. Gives me ease of knowing it will still be the slower time even with the cheerleaders. I could just see losing my DS to a crowd of cheerleaders! LOL


I think the best time to go is during the week of Mousefest!!


The week I will be there. Said week include the Boss Mouse Parade And for the first time anywhere, the Boss Mouse guest appearance ON STAGE at the Biergarten.

We all know it wouldn’t be my first appearance IN the Biergarten. I’m like Norm from ‘Cheers’.


I’ve seen Boss Mouse in action. He’s always beating his own drum:laugh:

He’s a legend out of time. As soon as I figure out what his time is, I’ll let you all know.


Now,this would indeed be a sight to see!!


Probably the first or second are the best and lowest crowd levels. The earlier in the month, the better the crowd is the rule.
You really don’t want to be there after about the 22nd, unless you are doing Disney for the holidays. This is because the Christmas crowds really start to descend on Orlando the weekend before Christmas, especially if it’s on Monday or Tuesday.
All the Christmas decorations and holiday entertainment will be in full swing the day after Thanksgiving and will run all the way to Dec 31.


They call you Norm?:huh: :wink:


You had me worried for a second there…:blink:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :redface:


Actually, he set me up for a much better one last week. I’m not sure if it was in a PM or if it was in the thread, but it had something to do with his playing the accordion with the band. I’ll leave it there.

I’ve got the link to the thread:


Forgive me Boss Mouse, I know not what I do.:ph34r: (yeah, right:rolleyes: )


It’s getting busier and busier every year, but, the first two weeks are still a lot better than the last two weeks, by far.


Don’t know how I missed that thread. But, seeing as I’m so delicate, I’m glad I did. :angel: hehe