Disney in January


Going to WDW in January of 2007. Have always gone before in May, and wondering about crowds and Park hours and the weather. and since we probably won’t have a car, what is there that we can do after the park closes.



January is a GREAT time to go. Even though park hours are shorter, lines will be really short. If you get up for “rope drop” you will get through all the major attractions at any park by 11:00.

Pleasure Island is open. Of course, this last trip we were in bed at 8:30 most evenings!


We went the first week in Jan.2005 and it was great! The weather was in the 70s everyday and the crowds were light. Only a little wait. I do have to admit though that the crowds the first week of Feb. this year were even lighter than January. We walked on most rides without waiting!! Jan. will be great though. As far as park hours, since the crowds are lighter, you will have plenty of time to enjoy everything in the parks.


After the kiddies go back to school January is a great time in the world!
Trust me, with all the parking you’ll be doing, your nights wont exactly be slow…PLUS…if you stay onsite most likley a park will close 3 hours after regular scheduled time for Extra Magic Hour…I am 24 and a night owl…and I am in bed every night by 10 on a Disney Day


January is lovely! The parks are empty and the weather is spring-like (60’s and 70’s usually). Like Bella said, if you stay onsite, there will be several nights where you’ll be able to take part in a 3-hour evening EMH at the parks.

Also for nights (if you’re not exhausted), you can rent a surrey bike at the Boardwalk; go watch some duelling pianos at Jellyrolls; visit Downtown Disney, Disney Quest, or Pleasure Island; go see Cirque du Soleil; book a late dinner at Epcot or one of the resorts (many seat until 10:00); hit the hot tub; catch an evening playoff football game at the ESPN club; settle into one of the lounges at a Deluxe resort for a nightcap; or order cookies and milk from room service and watch a movie in your room! Lots to do at WDW without a car!!


I can tell you that January is the best time to visit. We have gone in January for the last 5 years and never wait longer than 20 minutes for any ride. The last 2 years have been a little busier for the marathon, and there is also a huge (150,00 people) construction workers convention that comes to town the 3rd week of the month. So plan your trip when the kids go back to school, and you should have a blast.


If you are going in January,remember to bring at least 2 cold weather outfits with you,as one day to the next can bring a change in 30 degrees in the weather.


It’s true! January IS the best time to go! :c) VERY short lines!

Bali gave you a great list of things to do at WDW with no car - just remember, the resorts at WDW are like a vacation all by themselves! There is usually plenty to do in the evenings right where you’ll be staying!

THe Boardwalk is awesome, too - definitely give it a stroll or two :wink:

I can’t wait to hear more of your plans!


January is a lovely time to go. Not crowded and beautiful weather. Although, you can get some cool days too. Pack some cool weather clothes like jeans and light jackets.

Everyone here has great suggestions. You can also head over FW and catch a night time campfire and movie or a late seating at HDD.


Woo Hoo! Now I know when to schedule my next trip! (j/k) :wink:


We have been twice now in January and it really is the perfect time. Temperature wise it can get a little cool but we never really complain about that as back here in the UK january is FREEEEEZING!
Short wait times, low crowds, also quite decent on the $$$$ side of things! :wink:

Next time we go we will go in April to take in DH and DD’s birthdays ( 11 days apart ~ how inconsiderate! :happy: )but for every other trip we have I ink January will be the month.


January is great, like everyone has said. I agree…dress for hot and freezing temps. You never know what its going to be like in January. Last month, we woke up to find a layer of ice on my friend’s car…brrr!
Also, try to avoid marathon time if you can…big hassle!
Have fun planning!


January is the greatest (avoid the first few days, it can still be crowded from Christmas and New Years). We’ve gone in January for five years and last year decided to try November - everyone said it was the slowest. NO WAY - it couldn’t hold a candle to January - and I pouted the whole time I was there. We’re going back to January.


My family is also planning to go next January. Is the marathon and construction convention always the same time in Jan.? I was originally thinking we would go the 2nd or 3rd week but maybe we’ll go the last week instead. I’m really looking forward to no crowds. We’ve been once in June and it was busy and waaaaaaaaaay to hot. No more summer months for me.

Gong bong


You can plan on going in January between weeks 2 and 3. If you were to arrive around the marathon, it might be a little busy, but it usually slows down just after. The convention usually starts in the 3rd week so plan accordingly. Good luck.


Marathon weekend is January 6,and 7, for 2007. I was surprised at how cold it was this year. They had to cover all the flowers for frost at night! It was actually colder in FL than it was in RI when I was there.

So, be sure to keep your winter gear close by. The key to doing Disney in the winter is to dress in layers. Wear things you can remove later if the day warms up. They typically start out pretty chilly and warm up later.


Just want to add my opinion to the mix that January is the absolute best time to go to WDW. Once you go January, you’ll never go back! (any other time of the year that is) :laugh: