Disney Infinity


Anyone playing? Which figures do you have? Which Play Set is your favorite so far?

Baloo and I have the 3 starter figures (Sully, Mr. Incredible, & Jack Sparrow), plus we got Violet and Barbosa so we could do 2-player mode in the Incredibles & Pirates Play Sets. So far we both like Pirates best!


My husband went a lil crazy with the Infinity launch. He bought the starter set, the lone ranger set, the Incredibles family, Mater, Lightning McQueen, and the Purple Car from Cars 2(can’t remember her name),Mike Wazowski, and the villains set.

Santa is going to be very awesome to our daughter this year. Sadly we only got a few minutes to try it out, just as a test run before returning them to their boxes. However, what we have seen so far it is AWESOME!!!


We aren’t playing yet because we are saving them for Christmas for the kids, but we got the Disney Infinity from Costco which had the cars set in it. We also picked up the sidekick set and violet. Also a few of the power discs, but we haven’t opened them, because they are a gift.

I’ve been exploring all the different products and I want to pick up the collectors book for the power discs so we know which ones we are missing. I would also like to get the villains set because I think my son would enjoy those. Of course, that is getting a little carried away, maybe…


I have it. I preordered from toys r us and got a free figure. I have the starter set, dash, Mike waxowski, barbosa, mrs. Incredible and the cars set (the game piece lightning and sally) I was really into it, but it’s kinda died off for me. Not sure why.


We got them all, I did not wanted to start running around again for hours like we did for skylanders.

The toy box is nice but we prefer the worlds for doing the missions. Maybe once the missions and challenges are done we might spend more time in the toy box.

At this time, Pirates are getting to be our favorite.


Yes he is!! What a great Christmas! :happy:

I feel the same. When I was watching videos before the game came out, I was sure that I would spend all my time in the Toy Box. It looked like the Sims (which I was completely obsessed with for far too long… and still might be) with Disney stuff. But when we started the Toy Box we found that there’s not much that’s available when you start out. You have to find and unlock new items as you go. So now I feel like I’d rather do all the Play Sets first and get all the stuff, and then start building so I can see everything I have to work with.