Disney Invites 'Goths' to the Party


Saw this on Twitter. What do you think?

Disney Invites ‘Goths’ to the Party - WSJ.com


I can see why they may be taking this route, as Tim Burton is known for his Gothic, slightly dark slant on most of his productions. However, although Disney may market this line, I dont think that Disney and Disney retailers are the kind of places that the supposedly Goth target buying group would often frequent .


Well, there was awhile when after-marketers made Tinkerbell kinda goth & counter-culture girls fell in love with that (see below). Nothing about this bothers me, if teenagers like it… they like it. They’re going to individualize trends, styles, and images no matter if it’s Disney or not. And actually, Disney has already been doing a tad of this for quite some time with that Disney Couture line.


It’s maybe “goth-lite”. :laugh: Calling the Twi-hards “goth” across the board is pushing it!


Yeah, my daughter is a Twilight diehard and she’s so far from goth. More like a Land’s End girl…


the “goths” of Nj have been wearing Disney merchandise for ages…lol Amazing how they are now starting to “get it”…making disney merchandise a little cooler whether that be cool to goth or soccer mom just makes them ven more money.


umm…hello? Nightmare before Christmas!? :laugh: I always see the "goth"ish teens in WDW wearing NBC, and in some stores you can tell it’s totally marketed toward them. I’m sure it will be similar with Alice…


:pinch: wow I am a LOVER of Twilight and soooo far from goth… but anywho it is a good idea to try to reach out to everyone…


We are SO the opposite of goth but love Jack Skellington and now Mad Hatter. We (I mean me and 9 yr old dd) love Jack Sparrow, but that doesn’t make us pirates. :pirate: As long as the clothing is age appropriate then I’ll be buying it. :cool:

Btw…Tinkerbell has been a staple among goth/emo kids in my area for years. Hot Topic (goth or emo whatever) has a ton of old Nick shows splattered across t-shirts and the like. In the back you can see a ton of Tink and Pooh stuff with a GIANT display of…Alice in Wonderland.


That’s what came to my mind too. You can buy that merchandise at a) Disney stores, or b) Hot Topic!


Oh wow I stand corrected!! Its just goths here do not wear Disney stuff-my niece is goth/emo and I am basing this assumption on her and her friends.


check out hottopic.com to see the types f themed merchandise they sell…along with the leather and metal, etc


Oooh I like!!! especially the Alice stuff-thanks Deb!