What more do I need to say? I know you all understand.

I got most of the FP+ done, but it was just taking too long so didn’t finish all the days. This morning I went back to finish the last two days worth. First one of our ADRs is missing. It keep telling me I wasn’t allowed to make FP+. My DS ticket says “OOPS” next to it. I wrote an email to disney saying my displeasure with the whole thing. I got the standard reply " we understand there have been challenges, but this is still testing. Feel free to call"

I just went back to try again. Now my DS name and ticket is gone completely. I know others have had this happen, and the info in still in there somewhere, but that doesn’t help when I what to make a FP+.

Thank you for listening, I will now take my blood pressure meds. :laugh:


Argh. On the bright(ish) side, when I’ve talked to the tech guys on the phone they are always really on top of things.


It’s so bad it’s almost laughable, almost.

Last night I tried again on the website. It had a FP+ for 2. My DH and DDIL. HUH? I changed it to 4 and hit update. It gave me three. ok, let’s try that again.

We have two reservations. Ours 5/4 -5/10 BLT and 5/10 - 5/15 BCV. My DS is 5/6 -5/10 BLT and 5/10-5/15 BCV. This morning the site had DS’s BLT room and our BCV reservations.

And no FP+ listed at all.

Oh wait…reload and new update. Now no rooms at all but we do have FPs.

Like I said, grrrr


Have you called them about the problem? I would stop right there and call them…explain exactly what has happened…hopefully on their end they can fix everything.


1000000000 dollars


one billion dollars


Wow sorry to hear that. Technology… gotta love it.


Well, I tried again yesterday. And everything was there. Yeah, shocker I know. I immediately hit PRINT. I don’t have a smart phone and after hearing all sorts of problems, I’m carrying hard copies to the parks with us. I already have to carry ID plus several cards for various discounts, so what’s one more piece of paper?


When I was there last week, I got an email to test the Be Our Guest Lunch Fastpass. Well…about that time my Disney Experience account started acting up. I didn’t have time to worry with it. Later when I finally had a chance to play around with it, it kept telling me that my password wasn’t correct. I have had the same Disney/ABC/etc. password for many years and it’s not correct? I tried to reset it, wouldn’t work. Later in the room tried again. Would not reset online, would not send me a reset email, nothing, it was late by this point. So I finally called IT the next morning while in line for our first ride. She did take care of it for me but by that point, when I logged on, the only reservation time that I could choose was 3 hrs before our dinner ADR on our last day in the parks.:angry:


I got an survey from disney asking if I had any problems making plans. If they are sending out surveys, that must mean lots of people are having issues.


and the surprise would be???