Disney Land to Close Its A Small World


Has anyone else heard this? When I heard the tag line on the news this morning, I thought it had to do with the portrayal of people (the signing dolls) not the size of the boat.

Disneyland closes It’s A Small World rideFrom correspondents in Los Angeles
November 11, 2007 12:00am

DISNEYLAND will close the popular It’s A Small World attraction for renovations next year, but insists the upgrade has nothing to do with the expanding girth of park patrons.

Disneyland plans to close the 41-year-old water ride in January for a facelift - and deal with the problem of bottoming-out boats.

Heavy loads have been causing the boats to stall in two different spots, said Al Lutz, a long-time Disney watcher, whose website MiceAge.com first reported the refurbishment plans.

Mr Lutz said he’d been on the ride when several guests were asked to get off to lighten the load.

“They’ve even built a platform (there) … because they’ve had so many problems,” he said.

But Disneyland, which will deepen the water by 2.5cm and build lighter boats, said overweight tourists are not to blame.

The boats get stuck because “layers and layers” of fibreglass have built up, where maintenance teams have re-patched problem areas, a spokesman said.

Disneyland has recently redesigned costumes in larger sizes to accommodate patrons’ wider waistlines.


Well, as long as it’ll reopen. After all, Small World here at WDW was closed for a VERY long time for refurbing but did open again.


I saw this on the news this morning also. I bet it is a combination of built up fiberglass repair patches and heavier people. I mean COME ON, basic science tells you that the heavier the load the more it weighs down a floating object. HELLO!


Dh, who is the fountain of misinformation, told me that he heard on the radio that they were closing IASW down for good. I told him ,baloney, I didn’t believe him. That would be unthinkable. Good to know it’s only for a refurb.

Not sure what the hubby uses for listening but it sure isn’t his ears.:laugh:


Yea, its being closed for a 8-9 month duration because its recieving new lighter weight boats, an entire new flume system and some upgrades to the interior, exterior and loading area. The flumes and boats in the ride are the originals from when the ride debuted…so it was made for the lighter americans back then. It will be nice to have that little issue fixed!

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I hope the refurb turns out as beautiful as WDW’s.
The sound is so much better -


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I heard this on the radio the other day and I meant to start a thread about it. What they were saying on the radio (and I have no idea if this is true) is that when the boats were last renovated the average American weighed 25 lbs. less than the average American does now…so apparently…we got fat and started to bottom out the boats :laugh:


The Walt Disney Company is still holding strong that it’s the YEARS of built-up fiber glass patches 'causing the problems.

Maybe they don’t want to hurt our feelings. :blush: hehe.

ALTHOUGH, I have a thought… if it was the weight of people alone 'causing the problems on old Disneyland attractions wouldn’t we would have seen a problem on the Storybook Canal boats by now too? Or, is that ravine a lot deeper?


:pinch: Blame it on the Disney Dining Plan! :blow:


I believe Story Book Land Canal Boats run along a track and such, like the Jungle Cruise…different system than the free-floating IASW boats…I guess? :tongue:


Yes, It’s a Small World is unique as it uses only a water jet stream to “push” the boats along the flue…


ROTF!!! :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: … the world isn’t so small, anymore!


Your DH is not losing his mind. I heard the same thing on the radio. I was having a heart attack until I came across this thread. Never believe the media!!!


Honestly that’s probably what it is. Imagine the public relations nightmare if they came out and said it. I am betting they wouldn’t lose enough business to hurt them or anything. It is probably more a matter of “Disney ethics.”


Unthinkable? Why? They closed down Country Bears! Changed The Tiki Room! Nothing is sacred! :ohmy: :sad: