Disney logo change


An interesting article that is careful to maintain sanity and moderate neutrality while also nudging us about what may be more important…

Disney’s drop of ‘Walt’, Oz Bothersome


Also, I haven’t seen The Muppets yet, though I really want to!

(Also also…I personally have another name for ‘smart phones’, but I’m not sure it would fly on the forum. :closedeye )


This part spoke to me:

[I][INDENT]Instead, I simply want to point out a little executive attitude that this is symbolic of that can sometimes mar those memories – the obsessive desire to “update” everything, to make it “hip” for a “modern” audience.

Are we really changing that icon again so that some kid can make out the text while he texts? What next? Will movies soon be cut down to 10 minutes to cater to YouTube limits and dwindling attention spans? Talk about style over substance, but “out with the old and in with the new,” right?[/INDENT][/I]

I also liked the bit about Frank Oz. Thanks for sharing!


Don’t drop Walt’s name!!! :eek:

They named the company after Walt Disney for a reason.


No, Please do not drop Walt. Walt Disney sounds sweet to children.


Why they are doing so? Walt is so lucky for them.