Disney luggage - good quality?


Hi everyone!
I’m wondering if anyone has the Disney luggage sold through Disneyshopping.com and can tell me how sturdy it is. I’m picky about luggage, since we travel a lot, and don’t want to invest in bags that will fall apart after 3-5 trips, but we really like Disney and would like to get some good quality Disney luggage.

I had bought the Cars juvenile luggage set for my son, but it didn’t last for more than a few trips, so I’m a bit leery.

Thanks for your help!


I love their luggage. It is sturdy and beautiful. I have three complete sets :happy:


I have one set that I’ve had for several years. I got it at on sake for $29.99 so I didn’t expect much but it’s actually pretty nice. I don’t check it when we fly because I want it to look nice and checking it gets it so dirty so fast.

If you’re looking for really good quality luggage that’s going to last for years this may not be it because I think it’s average quality.


Good question as we had the little rolling carry on bag last trip but havent used it yet.


We have one 3 piece set. We are happy with it. The only problem is that the two smaller pieces serve us no purpose. When checking a bag on a flight, we need bigger ones.


WOW its on offer at $49.99:ohmy:

I have a small case we bought from Disney world in 2006, it has been on holidays around the world plus week end’s away- used by us and the kids. it still looks good- no rips or anything.

Buy Buy Buy:heart:


You’re right, the pieces aren’t very big. Even the biggest piece it’s very big compared to our other pieces.


I’ve seen some of th luggage coming through the airports and it looks so cute! Though with it being Disney Id probably have it to look at and never use it! oops! I’d be so scared of wrecking it!


I have Disney luggage… but it turns out you can only get it at WDW (oh, bummer… suppose we’ll have to go there to complete my set :happy:). I haven’t checked the Disney shopping luggage, but if it’s anything like the WDW luggage, then it’ll last. Mine’s fairly new, but it’s sturdy and has great pockets for organization.


:laugh: That is so me! I use the carry on every trip but I won’t check my other larger bag because I want it to stay nice. I use it for trips we drive but I won’t check it. It seems like our luggage gets some type of abuse every time we fly so I won’t pay a lot for it and I won’t check something I have to worry about.


Same with us. Which is a shame because we’d like to stroll through the airport with our cute luggage. And our parents won’t let us pack in our cute bags.


I have a set that i got from Disney Shopping last year. I don’t think it is the best quality although we have had no issues and we have used it on quite a few trips in the past year. I love the wheels on them. They turn 360 degrees. You can walk with suitcase next to you instead of behind you.


Wuh!?!?! Awesome! I told my parents I wanted 360-degree wheels. I think they must’ve just seen the luggage at WDW and decided to buy it. hmph. :glare:


I’m not sure about the ones on disneyshopping.com, but the ones sold at the resorts are AWESOME!! If you get one of those at the resorts, I recommend the large regular suitcases, not the duffles on wheels. Hope this helps. :mickey:


I am actually surprised Disney luggage is getting so many good reviews! I’ve thoroughly checked it out before because I am extremely picky about luggage and I’ve always thought it seemed like pretty crappy quality.


We bought one of those huge duffel bags(my husband calls it the body bag) at the WL a few years ago, and it has held up very well.


Mine is really sturdy. I don’t travel much so it holds up well. There are a bunch of pockets.
I don’t know that I want to spend 300 dollars on a suitcase that I use once or twice a year. I am not looking for Louis Vuiton, actually I am, but there’s no way I have that kind of money :wink:


I bought 4 very large rolling suitcases with lots of wonderful pockets and it held EVERYTHING! However, after 4-5 trips (not flying) the plastic corner supports started to crack and break out and now makes the fabric sag. The “sagging” drags when its rolled and wears holes in the fabric. Though I loved the size/design of the bags, they were basically a piece of crap. Fun while they lasted!


I bought the garment bag a few years back and it is fantastic!:wub: It was so nice, I ordered one for each of the boys in different colors. It is quite durable and we have taken it tons of places.

We also had a nice size duffel bag that has held up quite will too.:happy:


Thank you all - this is very useful information.

I think I will probably invest in “serious” luggage and just use our Disney World tags for the “mouse touch.” With 2 small boys needing changes of clothes, we always have to check luggage, so I’d rather have bags that can take the rough handling in cargo.